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10 Practical Tips in Visiting a Singapore Hawker Center (Newton Park)

If you’re in Singapore, one of the more accessible hawker places is the Newton Food Center. Located at the MRT Station Newton, the Newton Food Center is a mere 3 minutes walk from the subway. Merely go out of the Newton … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why You’re Still Single at 40

Yesterday, I asked the question, “Why would a beautiful 40-year old woman still be SINGLE?” I’ve wondered this question and asked several friends what they thought. We mulled over whether it was the guys’ fault or the girl’s fault that … Continue reading

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To Share: My One-Week Travel Itinerary of Amazing Taipei

Most people don’t give Taipei a lot of credit preferring mostly to spend their vacations in Hong Kong or Singapore. However, having stayed in these countries for prolonged periods, I still find Taipei to be the best travel destination in … Continue reading

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What I did in 2010… (Part I)

2010 had been a year of new beginnings and many changes. Here’s a brief rundown: January 2010: Trader and I had already been together for the last eight months and our relationship is rocky. We fight a lot because he … Continue reading

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Top 10 Brunch Places in Taipei

As spending a leisurely weekend morning with a friend or two is one of my most favorite pasttimes, I’ve been quite fortunate to sample some of Taipei’s best venues for having brunch. I’ve been wanting to come up with the … Continue reading

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Raven’s Dating Tips

Dear Successful Date, Congrats on passing the first rigorous days/weeks/months! Reaching this point is truly an achievement and if you think dating is tough, you’re not the only one. Trust me, there are so many guys who manage to screw … Continue reading

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100 More Things About Me

It’s typhoon day and I found myself finishing this list — at long last! It’s been over a year since I’ve come with a list — and at a point of being uber-narcissistic, am again recording my legacy by listing … Continue reading

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16 Things About Taiwan That Drive Me Crazy

Sometimes, Taiwan just drives me nuts. Despite being here for over 4 years to date, there are still things that I can’t understand about this country. Therefore, ignoring the risk that you’ll be pummeling me with rotten eggs and tomatoes … Continue reading

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My Top 20 Dining Picks in Taipei

I’ve always raved about food in my blog, but never really collated a list of my top dining picks in Taipei. So here you go for your viewing pleasure: 1) Ruth’s Chris – If you don’t mind the $$$, it’s … Continue reading

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