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The Danger of Discontentment

Our best sales staff decided to end her employment this April 2018. She was earning around php18,000-22,000 per month, an achievement especially since she was not a college graduate and has no special skills. She is only 26 years old. … Continue reading

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The economy is tanking…

If you haven’t heard the news, would just like to update you that the general global economy is tanking. Greece can’t seem to pay off its debts because nobody there pays off their taxes (hence, the big deficit) and the … Continue reading

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End of Week 1: My First Class at LBS

Yesterday, we just finished our first course at LBS. It’s called Capital Markets and Financing, which is a psuedo-core course of their program for those interested to take a career in finance. As it’s a pre-requisite for other finance subjects, … Continue reading

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Surviving London – Day 1: A day of walking

I’ve never realized just how good it is to live in Hong Kong! Not to be a whiner (even though I am), but London is definitely: Chillier, and rainy-er than Hong Kong – it rained lightly at my arrival Less … Continue reading

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An MBA is NOT for everyone…

What are your purposes for MBA? Is it to change careers? Then yes, an MBA opens doors to multiple industries for you. Is it to increase your network? Then yes, you will meet friends for life. Alumni — if you … Continue reading

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Reflections while on my last week of internship

Sorry for the disappearance. I’ve been pretty busy with my internship and all. 🙂 Over the last two weekends, I’ve spent most of the Saturday afternoons and evenings sleeping. Honest? My body has just been drained waking up at 5:45 … Continue reading

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You think you’re so smart because you have an MBA?

Think again. We’re not. In fact, we’re pretty ordinary people. Like everyone else, we eat, sleep, go to the bathroom. We do everything that everyone does. In fact, if you ask us to stand in a line, it would be … Continue reading

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Do I regret my MBA?

As I finish my first half of my summer internship, someone asked me whether I think that my MBA was worth it. “Don’t you think that it really opened doors for you?” she asked. Honestly, I don’t think so. As … Continue reading

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Dead Tired

Last night, I plopped to bed and dozed off to sleep for almost 9 hours straight. It’s been one of the longest sleeping times that I’ve had in the last two weeks since starting my MBA. Some internship thoughts: My … Continue reading

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Musings a few weeks before we’re almost done in HK…

In a few weeks, the last classes for the Spring semester ends, heralding the end of all of 115 of us HKUST MBAs would be in Hong Kong together. Afterwards, come June, we start our internships with only a few … Continue reading

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