100 More Things About Me

It’s typhoon day and I found myself finishing this list — at long last!

It’s been over a year since I’ve come with a list — and at a point of being uber-narcissistic, am again recording my legacy by listing down another 100 things about myself. Hate it or love it — it’s my blog and for my reading pleasure when I’m 40, so forgive this entry if it’s too zzzzzz for ya.

Here goes:

  1. One thing I can’t live without — chapsticks. If I forget mine at home, I rush off and buy a new one. It’s super irritating when my lips get dry.
  1. Oh, and I also can’t live without my oil absorpsion sheet. It’s sick but my nose gets pretty icky early.
  1. I’ve never dyed my hair. Wanted to get highlights once but my mom told me she’d just give me the money. She didn’t give me the money but afterwards, when I got to Taiwan, everybody dyed their hair, so I never dyed it at all. Feeling special, huh? I then liked it black just fine.
  1. Regardless, ever since I was young, due to my papa’s good genes, I’ve never really had a serious acne problem. When I was in high school, I begged my mom to bring me to a dermatologist ’cause it was cool to have one. My mom told me I was crazy.
  1. My first drink was when I was 21. My first kiss was when I was 22. Go figure, I had strict parents
  1. I wear my watch on the right wrist.
  1. I don’t like mornings. I have 3 alarm clocks and my parents give me a missed call daily just to wake me up in the morning. Am totally an evening person. Am wide awake at night.
  1. Given that, my parents never really gave us everything we wanted. Whereas my classmates had allowances to buy themselves coke and chips during recess, we received nothing. We were definitely not spoiled children.
  1. However, they did splurge on us kids by bringing us abroad every summer. That’s why, we’ve managed to go to the U.S., Europe, and all around Asia at a young age. Most kids don’t get to travel till they were teenagers. My first trip abroad was to Singapore when I was 3.
  1. My godfather is Singaporean, and he was the one who came up with my name, which consists of my father’s initials. Now, how narcissistic was that?
  1. My complete name is so long that I am usually the last person to start an exam because I had to circle my complete name. Of course, most institutions would misspell my name from “Lisa” to “Liza.”
  1. Come to think of it, I have a boring name. I wish I had a sexier name; I’ve thought about changing my name to Silver, Megan or Paige a couple of times.
  1. Megan and Paige are names off a Sidney Sheldon book, one of my favorite author. They were smart doctors by profession.
  1. I’ve thought I’d make a good doctor because I’m not afraid of blood and because I can memorize concepts well. But since there are already two doctors in the family, I took up business instead.
  1. I’ve also thought about being a lawyer since I like to read and can memorize concepts well. My mom told me to earn a lot of money as an entrepreneur and hire a lawyer instead when necessary. It made sense at that time.
  1. I have no clue why I’m in the financial industry as I hate math. My lowest grades in college were business calculus, chemistry and physics. They totally bogged my GPA down. My statistics grades were decent though. One day, I just “got it.”
  1. Though my mom actually taught calculus to engineering students for a decade before marrying my dad and helping him start his own business.
  1. I honestly think marrying my mom was the best decision my dad ever made. She is my hero, and I sometimes as my mom why she’s crazy to put up with my spoiled dad!
  1. Needless to say, my dad didn’t think I should take up business in college even though it was in a prestigious university. He wanted me to take a more feminine course like interior design in St. Paul’s college since it was just a minute from home.
  1. I almost didn’t go to Ateneo and had to write my dad a long letter on why he should make me go. In the end, after talking to his best friend who was pro-Ateneo, he did and now, he keeps on telling his friends he’s proud that his daughter was an Atenaan.
  1. Which brings us to the lesson that parents are not always right. Whenever I follow my parents’ decision, I usually regret it. Coming to Taiwan is their only idea which I don’t regret taking.
  1. I do have one regret about Taiwan — a day after I left, Shell Philippines’ HR manager gave me a call and asked why I didn’t submit my application form. I impressed the marketing manager a few months before when interviewing for a leadership seminar that he remembered me and wanted me to work for them.
  1. Even till today, I think about what life would be if I didn’t leave Manila. Would it have been any different? Maybe I would be taking my MBA right now at AIM.
  1. I’d love to get my MBA one day. It’s not that it’s good for my career, though that would be nice. But rather, I’d like to be with smart people as much as I can. If I have the budget, I’d like to do it either in Europe or the United States. I think my father wants me to take it at AIM.
  1. Regardless, I know I would like to take my MBA someday — just hope that it’s not in the Philippines, but somewhere abroad.
  1. But before the MBA, I’d have to work on my CFA first, which is far more relevant to my line of work.
  1. Financial independence is important to me. Father’s house, father’s money, father’s rules. I earn my own money just in case I fall in love with someone my father disapproves of, and I wouldn’t mind too much if he disinherits me.
  1. Come to think of it, my dad will probably disapprove of all the guys I’ve dated. Considering what happens, I wish I listened to him and were more careful in my choice of men. Oh well, next time…
  1. Oh, and so that I can afford to travel around the world. It’s my hope that I can travel to at least 2-3 countries per year, and so far, have fulfilled that quota — and more — for 2007.
  1. I still hope I can do one more, maybe Laos or Indonesia this year. We’ll see.
  1. Finding a traveling buddy is a major kick in the butt though, so this year, I tried traveling with a Taiwanese tour group — where I found my Taiwanese admirer/stalker. Maybe I should rethink traveling with a Taiwanese tour group…
  1. Frankly, I don’t really like to shop. I don’t have the time or the money to do so. Ironically, the companies I work for often give me Sogo or Mitsukoshi gift vouchers, leaving me with the dilemma on how to dispose of them. It irritates me if traveling buddies only want to shop.
  1. My parents don’t really know that I’ve been traveling. I asked for their permission to go to Australia and was rejected, and now, if I can, I wouldn’t ask them if I wanted to go abroad. This way, they won’t worry and I don’t disobey them.
  1. As a traveler, I like to go sightsee and visit the cultural sites. I like to sit on ledges and watch the awesome landscape, immerse myself with the culture, and taste the culinary delights.
  1. I am NOT the type who likes to vacation lying on the beach and reading a book. What am I? A beach whale?
  1. Amazingly, ALL the guys I’ve kissed, all their names begin with the letter, “M.”
  1. I have kissed a non-smoker once though. My gosh, his breath, his clothes, everything smelt like an ashtray! When I smell somebody smoking, I still remember him.
  1. He was probably the cutest guy I’ve ever seen though — He looks like Tom Cruise, but taller. Seriously.
  1. Guys who come in my life come in patterns. At one time, the names of most guys interested in me started with “Ds,” now, it’s “Js.”
  1. I usually pay attention to their zodiac signs — they’re very telling. Cancers are now a turn-off; Geminis are supposedly good for me, but I’ve yet to date one.
  1. Turn-ons? How about “Fine Dining?” Yeeehah! I like a guy who knows how to order wine. So does that make me a snob?
  1. Likewise, I love to dine well (much to the chagrin of my diminishing budget). There’s nothing I like best than to relax in a decent quaint restaurant with lovely conversation.
  1. I’m not one of the girls who let the guy pay all the time and try to catch some of the costs on a date. I don’t mind splitting the bill, though it’s very telling if a guy whips out the calculator and computes how much you need to pay. Now, that is just too much!
  1. Another turn-on after the date? “Would you like to walk back home so we can work off the food?” That way, you can continue on the conversation and get to know each other better.
  1. Something about the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall that makes it extremely romantic. Definitely a good date place to go to. 😛
  1. I totally hate it when guys cancel dates, or are super late. Oh no no…
  1. I dislike making choices. When in a new restaurant, I ask the server what’s their specialty and order it (usually getting the steak unless something’s more appetizing) while deciding between two choices. In an old restaurant, I usually old the tried and tested, lest I regret my stupidity of ordering something that’s not as good afterwards.
  1. I used to like iced coffee, but it was too sweet — so I drink coffee with cream only instead.
  1. If I drink bitter office coffee, I add half a pack of sugar.
  1. My parents were in the coffee business so at a young age, my mother encouraged us to drink that evil brew. When Starbucks came out, she’d mix a few and give it to us kids saying, “Look, tastes like Starbucks.” It didn’t.
  1. On the other hand, my dad thought of it as overpriced and with too much fluff. I once got into tons of trouble because I had coffee out with my friends.
  1. Ironically, he now only drinks instant coffee. Yuck! The wheels have turned.
  1. Admittedly, I am pretty sick of Starbucks coffee after reading that every pump of that vanilla syrup add packs of calories into every cup.
  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve ever had a Starbucks Mocha Frapp, which used to be my favorite.
  1. I don’t really like Chinese food, preferring more exotic dishes like Indian, French, Thai, Vietnamese, or yes, even Japanese. But beef noodle soup just doesn’t do it for me; nor do dumplings.
  1. Okay, I was born an ugly baby. Happy? I had a pug nose, flat face and huge lips. I used to scratch my head in wonder when people called me attractive and pretty. Were they blind? Now, I just say thank you.
  1. How unattractive was I? In high school, my dad told me, “Raven, you should study hard because you’re going to need it.”
  1. Now, I regret I didn’t study hard enough. Education truly IS important.
  1. One of the reasons why I led an organization was because my previous job was too unchallenging for me. I thought I was 80% underworked. Guess am the type of person who likes to be overworked and underpaid over paid well yet underworked. Weird, huh?
  1. I cannot really keep to a strict diet. I love steak and food too much. However, it’s indeed a blessing that I’m not a chocoholic. Somehow, those devils just don’t do anything for me. Phew!
  1. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d like to have kids. They’re not economically practical and you’d have to sacrifice at least 18 years of your life to raise them (and you’re lucky if they’re even grateful). However, this is still open for discussion with future hubby.
  1. Regardless of kids, I’d like to get married one day. And no, I don’t believe in divorce.
  1. Exception to the rule: Only two things would make me divorce my future husband — if he cheats and if he physically abuses me. Don’t think I can settle for that.
  1. Problem is, at this rate, I doubt if I’m going to get married. It all started with a joke with my dad stating that I can only have my first boyfriend at the age of 28. However, given my strong dominant personality, the chances of finding an equal partner for life at this rate is very slim.
  1. Almost all of my good guy friend’s girlfriends hate me — at first. Then they realize that am no threat and start to like me, after which they break up almost immediately afterward.
  1. To that sense, I don’t do attached men. Divorced guys I can handle, but attached guys with wives, girlfriends or even worse, kids, no way.
  1. I often sleep in the bus. Defense tactic I suppose. It’s part of my training when I was a child so I don’t get motion sickness. Unfortunately, I get to miss out with a lot of scenic views. It’s indeed a blessing and a curse.
  1. I want to be part of the mile-high club someday. Should be interesting. Any takers?
  1. To that effect, I think am a pretty sexual person. Wait, if you would call someone who loves sleeping in nude sexual. Or maybe am just comfortable with my own skin.
  1. I like to sleep naked. There, I’ve said it.
  1. Tried yoga once but ended up dozing off in the mat. That activity is too darn slow! I know it’s cool and everybody does it, but it just bores me.
  1. I prefer pilates instead, and wonder why a lot of guys I meet lately are so into yoga. I am now getting into pilates and trying to do it once or twice a week. Works wonders for my abs.
  1. I hate exercising but I like looking good. Guess what wins out?
  1. My favorite exercise is still hands-down, wallclimbing. I try to go at least once a week in order to stay in shape. When I get depressed, I go climbing and I’m totally energized afterwards.
  1. Speaking of guys, I have a lot of guy friends. During my most recent birthday party, 80% of the comers were men (eeeps!). Hope that my future hubby won’t get so jelly!
  1. Come to think of it, guys I date are usually not jealous or possessive. What is wrong with them?! They trust me too much!
  1. It takes me awhile to get over someone. The last time around, my heart took double the time to heal more than the time we got together. That’s why, am pretty cautious with whom I get into a relationship with. Must be a defensive mechanism — think before you leap.
  1. If I’m wrong, I’d immediately acknowledge it and say sorry. But I expect the same to those close to me. It’s just fair.
  1. All of my then-boyfriends were far too cleaner than I was. Next to me, they were neat freaks! What’s common about them was they both did my laundry regularly (sans the underwear). Ex#1 even picked it up from my place, did the laundry at his, sundried, folded and delivered them back.
  1. To that, far from being a scheduler, my room’s a mess. One of my girlfriends came in and immediately panicked and said, “OMG, a thief ransacked your house!” What can I say? Don’t have too much time to clean!
  1. Been TV-free for almost 5 years now. I credit my colourful life to being TV free. I was getting too addicted to that thing.
  1. Now, I watch DVDs and surf the Internet. Darn you Facebook! You’re wasting too much of my time.
  1. Scented candles and aromatherapy — two things that I like because they’re romantic. If I have a house, I’ll fill it with lighted candles.
  1. Oh, and I like paintings too. My dad is an art collector and I totally get it why people will spend tons of money on a single piece of canvas. I can get lost in a painting.
  1. I’m a voracious reader. My house back home looks like a library and nothing’s better than going to a bookstore and thumbing through the selections. Ironically, I don’t visit the Eslite bookstore often, which is just right across the road.
  1. I like to bring a book anywhere I go just in case I get bored.
  1. It’s hard for me to get bored — am always off doing something. Now, if I have free time, I study.
  1. Never dyed my hair yet — they’re straight, black and long — and I like them to keep it that way. I think I mentioned this earlier.
  1. Did I mention that I’m an avid steak lover? Am so bribable with Ruth Chris’ Fillet Mignon. Yummy! But don’t go for their wine, it’s so-so.
  1. Have a complicated family life since I have 8 half-siblings. I think my little brother who’s 21 and has his own business is the coolest though.
  1. Had lash extensions before. They felt sexy and I loved it. But people felt it looked too unnatural so removed them at the early part of the year.
  1. When having a massage, I love it when the masseuse is standing atop of me and getting rid of the wind from my lungs.
  1. I abhor eating fish and crab. The official story and one good reason are that I’m afraid I’d choke to death. But I think it has more to do with being too lazy to take off the bones or remove them from their shells. My mom usually does that in Manila.
  1. I love sexy outfits and dressing up. Can no longer count the dresses in my wardrobe — some dresses can make your mouth go wide with surprise. Totally HAWT.
  1. The sad thing is, I am totally conservative and traditional. Must be in growing up with a Christian background. I can’t be like other women who sleep around and do stuff — that’s just not me.
  1. My best guy friend accuses me of falsely advertising. I make guys think I’m easy to get when I am so not.
  1. I have a problem with discipline and focus. Sometimes, I need a good nip in the butt just to get going.
  1. However, once I get started on a project, I transform into a crazy animal, working long hours and just being so focused, it scares people.
  1. I am a social person, but recently have been more comfortable being on my own and getting things done. My laundry bag thanks my new lifestyle.
  1. I know A LOT of people in Taipei, and some see me as “popular.” Ironically, there’s only like 5 people I count as my real friends here.

Phew, making this list is no piece of cake, but thanks for reading if you’ve even reached the end.

Gotta go to my date — yes, he did ask me out! Yeeha! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “100 More Things About Me

  1. Dear Raven

    I pondered a little about some basic problem.
    You know, in Germany there is a saying that men are like toillets: shitty or occupied.

    It seems to be, that men are hesitating to break up before having another opportunity.
    Breaking up and becoming single to my experiance is no problem for women.

    Another issue which hits in the same direction:
    a guy in a relation is already “socially proofed”,
    he can be in a relation.

    That is maybe the reason, why females with boyfriend are so suspecious about potential

    I am curious, if YOU know guys longtime out of relation but super attracting…^_^


  2. Guess some people — not really related to gender — have a problem with being alone. They just from one relationship to the next because it’s hard for them to be content with themselves for company. That’s understandable. After being used to having someone else by your side, being with me, myself and I, take a while to get used to.

    I don’t meet a lot of attractive guys out of a relationship. Actually, I don’t meet a lot of guys who attract me. Guess it’s not the looks — some are just uber cute. But am looking for a rarer type of guy, and there’s not a lot of guys I want out there.

  3. obviously you are not running the strategy: to find your prince you need to kiss a lot of frogs

    so.. when THE ONE surprisingly
    steps on your feets, are you prepared to catch him? Or just hope that he will approach you?

    However, good luck with the frenchman…-_^


  4. @l, you’re even more conservative than I am!!! 😛

    Flute, believe me, I’m kissing a lot of frogs. Anyway, Frenchie’s definitely liking Raven. Unfortch, am not interested. This week proved he’s NOT the guy for me.

    Onwards… to the next Frenchman! A player too. Going to be interesting.

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