Stupid x 100 Times

A cute Frenchman showers you with attention from the moment he sees you.

He remembers the time he first met you which was over a year ago, even to the point of remembering what you wore.

A pink slip dress… thank God I didn’t wear that thing tonight!

He compliments you on your losing weight and tells you that you look prettier than he remembers. During dinner, he sits beside you and listen to your every word.

He makes you laugh sometimes.

He tells everyone he wants to stay in Taiwan because of the people he’s met — he thinks they’re terrific and he has doing his bestest to apply for a job here so that he can stay.

You can feel he’s really interested — was and still is.

You pour him a drink.

He chauvinistically says that he loves women who serve him food and pour him wine.

It’s chauvinistic but to you it’s no big deal. You’re enjoying the attention.

Did I mention he has kissable lips? You wonder what it’s like to kiss him…

When other leave the table for a smoke, you share a moment with him.

He confesses that before, he was too afraid to approach you.

You remember it was at a champagne tasting party you’ve organized and that it was a little late in the party that you were able to exchange some words with him.

He says it was because he was too chicken to talk to the girl whom everyone wanted to talk to.

He shares it was so hard for him them knowing she was the organizer and how he wanted so much to talk to her but couldn’t.

Now, a year later, I wouldn’t make the same mistake,” he shyly confesses. “If people want to talk to you, I wouldn’t mind hanging around so I’d have more time with you.”

“I am more confident now,” he continued.

The intensity of his words make you a bit uncomfortable.

It’s not everyday that a guy shares how he remembers the first time you’ve met and how he’s wanted to be with you at that time.

When a guy remembers what you wore, now that’s something.

What can you say?

You like the attention… and from a cutie at that! You remember you’ve asked your friend about him previously. You found him cute and nice as well.

On the way back, he invites you to go to another party with him.

You’re not too tired, but you shy away from the invitation citing you had things to do the next day. Well, actually you do… but it’s always easy to grab the moment, go and deal with issues later.

But you don’t do it… for some reason, you hold back.


Because you don’t want to continue partying till 8 am in the morning — and you delude yourself into thinking that if it’s really fate, you’ll meet again.

So you’re home right now writing this blog entry.

God Raven — ARE. YOU. STUPID?!!!


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