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Enjoying Corporate Overseas OR Come Back and Build Your Own Business in Manila (Extra: The Hard and Joys of Coming Back Home)

So many of you have wondered whether you should give up your nice cushy job abroad and come back to the Philippines to start your own business. Having done both — going corporate and being self-employed — I feel I’m in the … Continue reading

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To Share: My One-Week Travel Itinerary of Amazing Taipei

Most people don’t give Taipei a lot of credit preferring mostly to spend their vacations in Hong Kong or Singapore. However, having stayed in these countries for prolonged periods, I still find Taipei to be the best travel destination in … Continue reading

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Don’t Look for Love. Look for the Right Person to Fall in Love With.

The average age for a Filipino to get married is 22.6 years old. For men, it’s at a higher 25.8 years. For people in richer, urban areas, expect this number to be higher, say 26 to 28 years old for … Continue reading

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One-Day Taipei Itinerary: What to do if you have ONE day in Taipei?

Follow this map and you’ll never go wrong… made for fun prior to my MBA when so many friends and clients were requesting for an itinerary on what to do while they’re in this lovely city: Yes, I’m feeling generous … Continue reading

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Giving Up on Taiwan

People who know me personally know that I’m an avid fan of Taiwan. For example, I don’t think that Taiwan will ever return to the Mainland China fold though they’ll work more closely together, economically. The Taiwanese are far too … Continue reading

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Biggest Lessons in 2009

Trader asked me what my New Year’s resolutions are. His were to sleep earlier, play less video games and read more books. He’s just started getting addicted to video games and wanted to curb this time-wasting endeavor. “To be better … Continue reading

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Top 5 Snacks at the Shilin Night Market

Trader and I visited Taiwan last weekend and gorged on its cheap eats at the Night Market. Boy, Trader was like a little boy let lose in the candy store. He LOVED everything! I took him to the cheapest place … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to 2008 — and hello to 2009!

2008 passed by so fast — where has it gone?  In a way, it seems that 2008 was the transitional year.  It was the year when I deepened my expertise in project and relationship management, in addition to actually making … Continue reading

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The Life Crisis: where are you going?

There was a story of a traveler who sees an old man outside a random town. “What type of town is this?” he asks. The old man asked him what he thinks the townsfolk is like. “Places like these are … Continue reading

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Big Pond, Small Pond Theory

What motivates me to go on daily is the constant fear of failure — I’m afraid to be and remain ordinary. Some people care about succeeding and excelling. Me? I fear being at the end of the foodchain, settling for … Continue reading

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