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Slave Driver…

The reason why am still awake is that I just got home from work and thought to drop everyone a line. Yes, despite the notion that I’m a party animal (not!), I do work for a living and slave myself … Continue reading

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Crazy Weekend

This weekend was just CRAZY. So, what else is new? To summarize, I went to Room 18 not once but twice. Watched Mamma Mia in the middle of nowhere. Tried out an A-Plus restaurant. Dropped by a KTV party. Did … Continue reading

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I will not think too much…

I will not think too much… I will not think too much… Every time I come across a guy I’m slightly interested in, my mind starts turning. Nope, it’s not going fast forward to the wedding and the children. But … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wonder…

…why do I sometimes care too damn much? I’m not talking about what other people think of me — most of the time, I couldn’t care less. People who like you will always find a way to defend you, and … Continue reading

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No Wonder Guys Think Girls are Weird…

My thoughts drifted to a woman who once pulled me aside and said, “Raven, I know you meant no harm but I’m a firm believer that if you feel uncomfortable about a certain situation, you’d have to speak up even … Continue reading

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Fun & Games — And Everything Else!

My life should be changing once again. Instead of studying, I’ve spent yesterday in a coffeeshop chatting on what may seem to be one of the most important conversations I may have in my life. “Decide,” my friend said. “And … Continue reading

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The Fisherman and the Beggar

There was once two good friends who lived in a town. One earned his living as a fisherman, and though money was tight, made enough money to support himself and his family. The other was a beggar who stood outside … Continue reading

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Call me "Daisy Duck"

If I was an optimist, I now know what Angelina Jolie feels like… But if I was a realist, I now know what a penguin feels like… *big sigh* After coming back from India, I don’t know what the hell … Continue reading

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