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Long weekend ahead

Last night’s ORIENTED Happy Hour at Mojo Sports was fun! 😀 Owned by my friend Jon, Mojo Sports was packed with people and I even had the run playing fuze ball! Of course, I didn’t really know how to play … Continue reading

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Apologize for the few-day blogging hiatus. Last Tuesday, I started coughing and my lovely boss ordered me to stay home. She didn’t really want me to infect the office, and as a result, was able to enjoy a great 7-hour … Continue reading

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Black & Blue Fun Weekend!

Another kick-ass weekend for Raven! 😉 Or in other words, Raven’s ass was so kicked… and she has the black and blues to prove it (sorry for those who are disgusted by these pics)! But it was still GREAT fun! … Continue reading

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Loss & Enrichment

There was this guy who told me, “I like you but I want out of here soon. Leaving my last girl in Hong Kong still hurts and I don’t want that again.” Understood. What’s weird about it though that I … Continue reading

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He’s back!

Surprises that you get from your mobile phone. Beep! Beep!Last night, I received this text message: “Sorry all of a sudden no contact. Long story and nothing you did. Just me.” Aussie guy’s back. When I read his message, I … Continue reading

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Enjoying yourself = Bad?

Good morning everyone!!! 🙂 After a full day of worrying/bothering about what’s happened between my girlfriends and I, I’m releasing myself out from this ruckus. I’ve come to terms that yes, I have changed (that’s basically agreed across the board … Continue reading

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Guilt Trips

I wish apologizing was as simple as this comic strip… here’s a conversation with a colleague of mine that brought to light my feeingsl of the entire situation. Raven: My two close girlfriends talked to me last Sunday out of … Continue reading

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Raven Attacked — Again!

Yesterday, I received an email from my rock climbing guy friend inviting me to a BBQ party this May. At the end of the email, he wrote, “You’re the first person on the invite list.” Big sigh. Why did he … Continue reading

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#1 DJ Tiesto Rave Party, Conflicts, Drama and More!

This weekend has been a relatively slooooow one for me. Aside from a super wild rave party last Saturday, everything was pretty slow. First, last Friday, a friend and I tried out the two-year old Olala for some delicious French … Continue reading

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Love/Hate Relationship

I have a constant love/hate relationship with my guys. The most notable example is with Ex#2 who I seem to can’t really get rid off (or unsure if I ever do want to get rid of him permanently). Ever since … Continue reading

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