He’s back!

Surprises that you get from your mobile phone.

Beep! Beep!

Last night, I received this text message:

Sorry all of a sudden no contact. Long story and nothing you did. Just me.”

Aussie guy’s back.

When I read his message, I felt my stomach churn, really not knowing what he wanted or why he’s texting again after almost three weeks of no contact. He’s one of these guys who actually caught my interest, and suddenly disappeared after I didn’t want to hold his hand in public (I felt he was going too fast).

I wonder why he’d contact me, after all this time…?

Maybe he’s horny? 😛

Anyone wants to guess?

I’ll add more later. Talking to mom who’s in Xiamen via MSN!


Quote of the day:

To really be happy, you need to make yourself happy. You need to discover and commit to things that bring you joy, where hours ruffle by like wind on water.Once you find what brings you this happiness, no one can take it away from you. You can’t find it in someone else.

People leave. People change their minds. People die.

So true. C’est la vie!


About Tina

I'm a forgetful person. But I think a lot. Every day, a lot of thoughts enter my head. That's why this blog came to be: first, to keep my memories alive through the years, and two, to actually see how I and my thoughts have changed. Please note that I seldom draft or edit my posts. Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I offend some of you, my readers. And while I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable, I am not sorry for being honest or for making well-intentioned mistakes. I will however be the first to admit if I change my mind. Hence, do read and proceed with caution. My life is as colorful and as boring as you make it. I complain many days, but offer some encouragement in others. Life is fluid, it changes. So keep the positives and throw away the negatives, and I do hope that at the end of the day, you will enjoy reading the blog and leaving comments here and there if my posts touches you. Happy reading!
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2 Responses to He’s back!

  1. @l says:

    yeah could be horny lol or maybe like it said it really was him… which could mean one of a hundred million things :O no purpose speculating though it is fun .. ask him bout it or forget about it and carry on as if nothing happened

    not quite correct in the previous previous post …actually catholics and western culture does guilt .. chinese and japanese do shame 🙂

  2. raven says:

    I already know the reason, so it’s all good. 🙂

    Thanks for that clarification. Yes, the Chinese are good in making you feel ashamed.

    Have a great weekend!

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