Couple Envy

There is what you call, “Business envy.”

Business envy is when you wish you are in another business because you are envious of the profits and success that business entails.

I have a little bit what you call, “Couple envy.”

It is when I see that other couples have more glamorous lives than we do. As they say, it’s always green on the other side.


When I looked at other couples who got married last year, there is one couple which caught my attention.

The woman is a professional dentist who has her own clinic on the jazzy side of town. Her hair is always perfectly made up, her outfits impeccable, and she likes to socialize in popular business organizations, joining media-filled events in the arm of her older but suave-looking businessman husband.

When we got married, it was a quaint relatively small family affair filled with loved ones. I am very proud that most of the people invited to the wedding, we personally knew.

Compare it to their wedding when theatrics abound, complete with a room-length LED screen that regaled guests on their prenup photos that were taken in an exotic location in China. Ours was in a more modest Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.

She had a bridal shower, I didn’t. Her bridal shower was featured in blogs and magazines, while I was too busy to even attend to my own.

And now, she is pregnant with a baby boy and popping out soon!

How can one have it all? 🙂

As I look at my own married life, I cannot help but compare.

My husband for example, would only wait for a very special occasion — cough, like our wedding — to wear a nice suit. On regular days, he is as comfortable wearing a shop tee-shirt and Uniqlo shorts. His only vanity is Safeguard soap in the morning. No perfumes, lotions or any beauty product for my devil-may-care husband.

Since we got married, we have been working our asses off.

Compared to the couple I am a little envious of, we do not really allocate a lot of time socializing.

Socializing meant hobnobbing with people whom we may or may not like, and wearing expensive outfits that would cost a quarter of my monthly salary. Evenings are spent over-timing at work, or doing accounting at home, if not watching a movie with my dear sweet mother. We have a very small group of friends we hang out with at least once every quarter or half a year, and the last time I introduced myself to a new acquaintance, it was purely for business reaons.

Our lives are pretty simple. Our only luxuries are semi-frequent business trips where we go abroad wither together or with family. And the little celebrations such as Valentine’s and soon, anniversaries.

And yet, as I look at another glamorous photo of the woman I am envious about — a glamour maternity photo this time — I cannot help but count my lucky stars I married my husband. 🙂

For one, we are both in love and happy with each other. As you can see in my previous posts, unhappy couples seem to be more than a norm.

Last night, when I zonked off to bed, my husband tucked me in. He placed a pillow underneath my feet, and then put the blankets around me. Then he kissed me goodnight, not knowing that all this moving jarred me half-conscious.


In the evening, he massages my feet after we get home. This is our daily habit ever since we get home. Sometimes, he sniffs it and gags. It’s kinda both sweet and disgusting when he does it.


He gets me water when I ask for it.

Kisses and hugs are abundant as long as I say so.

And when I am late in going off with my friends, he would pick me up from the mall after dinner in his boxers and shorts with nary a complaint.

Honestly, he may not be the debonair 007 like the dashing husband in the pairing I am envious of, but he is definitely the love of my life AND my Prince Charming.

Sure, I may be envious of other couples. It’s hard not to, especially since they look so darn perfect! Their lives seem to be rich and full of order!

However, I also realize that my relationship is also the envy of others.

We may not be as rich, or as glamorous. But we do have one thing — we both love and appreciate each other. And I think, that’s God’s best gift to us.

Each other.

Hope you’re having a great week ahead! Cheerio!

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  1. It’s true what you say. Always greener on the other side, but you don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors in these ‘so-called’ perfect relationships. All this perfection and glamour could really be a cover to what’s lacking in their relationship. Glad you have each other 🙂

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