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Burma Bound

Hai ho… hai ho… It’s off to Burma I go… La… la… la….la…! La… la… la….la…! Hai ho… hai ho hai ho hai ho…! Wheeeeeee! It’s GREAT to travel again! Get out from the office… Escape from the dreary Taipei … Continue reading

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My God, you know you’ve been in Taiwan too long when you meet four separate acquaintances in a government office!!! First, there was DR, who worked with me in the organization; Max and his girlfriend Emily, a long-time friend Enrique … Continue reading

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Ex-Talk :-(

What do you do when people are starting to talk about your ex? Last night, I attended the dazzling ORIENTED Happy Hour that was held at the Grand Hyatt poolside that’s located at the 5th floor. Because we travel around … Continue reading

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To Love is to Sacrifice — Not Really!

This morning, I read an article written by Kristin Armstrong (world-reknowned cyclist, Lance Armstrong’s ex wife) that’s entitled, “What I Wish I had Known about Marriage.” It would be nice if you, women especially could read the entire article, but … Continue reading

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Winners and Posers

This week I went to the driving range with some friends. As I’ve raved about it two Tuesday ago, you can really say that I’ve absolutely enjoyed the experience. Regardless, I’ve also noticed one thing while at the driving range… … Continue reading

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Beach parties, sexy women and more!

Well, just to finish my report on my exciting/relaxing weekend, on Friday, I had a nice dinner at this divine Japanese restaurant called Peony Japanese Cuisine at Hsin-Yi Road, just at the back of Taipei 101. The ambience was great, … Continue reading

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Taipei 101 Conquered!

Last weekend was such a blast! 😀 Let’s start with the highlight of the weekend… yesterday, yours truly was part of 500 climbers to scale 84 floors of the tallest building in the world — the Taipei 101 — for … Continue reading

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Dating Ad Hilarities ;-D

My colleagues and I just came across’s page for personals last week. We just couldn’t help ourselves… some postings were just hilarious! Take for example, surprice… surprice, this woman believes that life is full of “surprices!“ An online ad … Continue reading

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Chinglish at its best!

Here’s Chinglish at its very best, thanks to a notice posted by the elevators at my colleague’s apartment last night: Umm… it uses all these English characters, but I just don’t get it. They seem to use a lot of … Continue reading

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A wet and wild night

Shhhhh… Last night, I got wet and wild with the French cutie. It was raining so who could blame us? 😉 After a night of climbing (walls my dear, not each other… ahem!), he took me home on his brand-new … Continue reading

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