Long weekend ahead

Last night’s ORIENTED Happy Hour at Mojo Sports was fun! πŸ˜€

Owned by my friend Jon, Mojo Sports was packed with people and I even had the run playing fuze ball! Of course, I didn’t really know how to play and kept on kicking the ball onto our side, but that’s besides the point!

It’s always fun to go out and do something with friends.

As I’ve said before, happiness is doing what you love with people that you like. And I’d like to add on to that… with people who you like and like you back! πŸ˜€

That’s why I invited them all over — and they all came! So yesterday’s Happy Hour was just like a fun reunion with friends I haven’t seen for awhile.


Long weekend ahead… hmmm… what should I do?

Too bad I learned during the last minute that May 1st landed on a Monday! We tried to arrange last-minute travel plans two days ago with no avail. EVERY flight to any god-forsaken island is booked solid and the only places available are Sabah (Borneo) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Ummm… no thanks. Staying in Taipei then.

But all is not lost, as Raven usually has plans up her sleeve.

For example, tonight, there’s that long-awaited, lavish LVMH opening store party at CKS Hall! That party I heard is going to be pretty big, and though my friend Karen is more excited than I am, I can’t help but be excited in the prospect of meeting Taiwanese celebrities and politicians that I don’t even know! πŸ™‚

This girl’s going to wear her long gown (to hide her hideous bruises from paintball), look “elegant” and have fun — rain or shine!

I really don’t know what to expect, but I’ll bring my digicam just in case so I can share with you how LVMH throws a huge party in Taiwan! Besides, worse comes to worse, I’d be sharing the experience with Karen, my girlfriend whom I haven’t seen for two weeks.

As for tomorrow, there’s brunch at Mike’s. He’s going to cook some nice banana pancakes and the works and I am SO looking forward to that. He’s one of the few guys who can really whip up a dish and has food as his wallpaper! He’s also invited a few close friends as well, so it should be a nice relaxing party to kick off the long weekend ahead.

Saturday night is another mini-party, if only my friends can decide where to go! Sigh, it’s quite frustrating that my friends are always asking me to make plans!

Helloooooo! Libran in the house here! I’m the most indecisive one of all!

But yes, you can now call me as your new agent in Taiwan. Whatever you need, wherever you want to go, just call me to make arrangements. πŸ™

Maybe I should start charging a commission to make my life better. I still need money for rent anyway. πŸ˜‰

Otherwise, there’s also the option of going to the driving range, or partying afterwards! Come on, it’s a loooooong weekend, we have more than 2 days to recover!

Aiyo, not really worth the trouble of thinking it through. Let’s just keep these days open and see how it goes, and do check out this page for more updates!


Yesterday, I was smiling on my way home.

It’s crazy.

I recently took a test, and bawled all the way because I think I failed. There was no timer in the room and I wasn’t aware on how fast time flew that I didn’t finish the last half of the exam.

There were around 40 questions, and I probably answered around 32 I think. The rest, I had to guess cause the person giving the test was tapping her feet impatiently.

The passing score is 75%.

I got 69% correctly.

That meant, out of 32 answers, I probably got 26 correctly.

For some reason, despite not technically passing it, I found the reason to smile. πŸ™‚

I cried for the whole afternoon after taking the test because I thought I failed miserably.

Getting 26 answers correctly, out of a test I wasn’t able to complete ain’t bad at all.

So no, I’m not really THAT stupid.

Babaw talaga ng kaligayahan ko (I’m easily pleased).

But yes, I’m able to find something positive out of this negative experience.

I don’t know guys, but it’s just a feeling… a feeling that things are on its upswing again.

After a few months of stress at work, in the organization I’m in and the relationships surrounding me, finally, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Have a good looooong weekend guys!

Party on! πŸ˜€

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