How to Teach Kids Consequences

The kid had her ipad privileges removed for an entire month for bad behavior.

It is bad enough that she’s disobeyed the instructions not to bother me while zooming, which got her 3 days no ipad.

Then she did not want to sleep early, which made her sleepy in class, after which she cried, tantrumed and blamed her yaya for her own problems, which got her no ipad penalty extended for a week.

And then to top it off, last night, she outwardly disobeyed me by opening up her Rainbowcorn gift, because she wanted to show her new toy off to her cousin!

The instructions were clear. I repeated them twice —- No opening of Rainbowcorn UNLESS you are done with homework. Homework is a daily struggle for us as the girl reasons out and gets easily distracted when we ask her too. For every one answer, madami pang dada.

Instead of listening to her Mommy, she and Jessica rushed to where I hid the Rainbowcorn. Grabbed a table to reach it. And then gave the toy for my sleepy husband to open, all despite knowing it is wrong and not allowed. In her excitement, she has forgotten how to be patient and to obey.

What’s worse, she regretted opening it afterwards. When yaya was bathing her, she was a bit tulala like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and then after realizing how much trouble she’s in, decided to BLAME the yaya for not forcing her to finish all her homework!

I knew she was in trouble as soon as I came in. Her and Jessica were playing with their brand new Rainbowcorn called Tang Tang, and no homework was finished. So I did not get mad. Instead, I told her the CONSEQUENCES of disobeying me and then lying about it —- No ipad now for one month.

Aeva accepted her fate. At first she had the gall to blame yaya but quickly resigned to the one month of ipad.

“I hope the Rainbowcorn’s worth it,” I quipped.

After receiving her punishment, Aeva started to be less sullen. She seemed relieved. I guess knowing and accepting the consequences is better than waiting for your mom to come home knowing that you’ve done something bad and waiting for a punishment.

I find my 6 year old daughter to be like many of the staff I handle. Alam na nga na mali, pero ginagawa pa rin. The key here is to be HONEST about your mistake and to stop blaming everyone for your actions.

So day 1 of no ipad. For her, the Rainbowcorn is worth it. Heres a photo of her an hour afterwards. And for me, I teach her valuable lessons on cause and effect, and the consequences of disobedience.

It’s a win win.

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