ECQ Saved My Staff from Getting COVID-19


Just got word last Sunday, April 4, that one of my office staff swab tested positive of COVID-19. By that time, we were on ECQ on the 7th day.

In my staff’s household, there were 7 people. Out of 7, 6 caught COVID-19:

  1. Auntie: Died of COVID-19 on Friday night
  2. Tito: Positive, mild symptoms
  3. Lola: Positive, mild symptoms
  4. Sister: Positive, asymptomatic
  5. Father: Positive, asymptomatic
  6. Staff: Positive, with muscle ache and a cold

Only the mother is NEGATIVE. Everyone is under home quarantine. Mother prepares food.

Without the ECQ last March 29, my staff who did not exhibit symptoms would have possibly infected my office despite the face mask and shield. Those who got infected will be running around and infecting others.

Problem is, my office has area supervisors running around our branches, from Pampanga up until Batangas. They interact with sales staff manning the retail boutique who interact with dozens of customers daily. All it takes is one mistake, one other infected person to share COVID-19 to their cluster.

We strictly followed health standards.

Social distancing is 1 meter apart with face mask and face shield. But the strain now is highly contagious and deadly to those with severe symptoms — death which came at 2 weeks last year now comes within 7 days.

Unlucky people, depending on their immune system, will develop severe symptoms within 3-5 days. If their body can’t take it, will die within 7 days. My staff’s titas body was cremated within the week.

I am okay with extending the ECQ —- or NOT extending it. I am fine with going back to work next week. But those who said the lockdown was unnecessary is being unfair. This particular lockdown helped companies identify who really were COVID-19 positive and quarantine them at home.

Just today, I have another person from another company who is customer facing who called me to say she is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms of no taste, muscle ache. They too had been in ECQ for a week. She is troubled because she saw her parents yesterday with family and were not wearing mask. Nagpahilot pa sa matanda and they both were not wearing masks. Mistakes like this may cost a life. Are you okay to be responsible for another’s life?

So take care, STOP GOING OUT unless necessary, stay at home and strictly keep yourself safe.


UPDATE: Just got word she and her husband are most likely positive. Both of them are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms na.

They understandably do not want to inform their LGU because they might be sent to a government quarantine facility away from family, nor do they want to have their entire household locked inside the house with barangay guards outside to keep them in. So pwede pa makalabas ang iba to buy food. They will just undergo strict home quarantine.

Hope they did not infect anybody else which will make them develop severe symptoms and die because of their mistake.

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