HR Talk: Are You Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit?

Check out your due date using this table and see if you have paid your contributions for at least 3 months BEFORE your semester of contingency. If you paid, you are eligible. If hindi umabot ang bayad sa tamang window of payments, walang SSS Maternity Benefit.

IMPORTANT: Hindi po counted ang late SSS contribution payments pag dating sa pagkuha ng maternity benefit.

SSS will only count the contributions that’s paid ON TIME. SSS Contributions paid retroactively by self-employed, voluntary, and non-working spouse members will NOT be used as eligibility for any benefit claim if the payment date falls within or after the semester of contingency.

For more details on how to compute your SSS Maternity Benefit, check out HR Talk: 105 Day Expanded Maternity Benefit.

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2 thoughts on “HR Talk: Are You Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit?

  1. Hi Ma’am, just to want clarify lang regarding maximum MSC. Diba 25k na ang maximum MSC natin now 2021. Question po is, 25k MSC narin ba ang maximum computation for Sickness,EC and Maternity benefit?.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sigh, logically dapat. But SSS said na the maximum they will use DAW is ₱20,000. Which kinda defeats the purpose of us paying more kasi at the end, sa retirement natin makukuha. Hindi yung sa benefits like sickness and maternity.

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