My Top 20 Things People Do NOT Realize are Privileges


  1. Having two parents still married together.
  2. Graduating from college. Most dont have enough money to finish high school.
  3. Having enough disposable income to travel abroad. Many don’t even have money to travel.
  4. Accessible hot water for showering. Most don’t have water heaters.
  5. Working for a monthly salary higher than minimum wage. Minimum wage is php13,800 per month and most don’t even make that much.
  6. Marrying a guy who don’t cheat. Marrying a girl who’s not psycho.
  7. Having a job that allows you to work from home. WFH is NOT mandated by law. It’s a privilege given by your company.
  8. Keeping a job and even get a bonus in 2021. Most companies lost money. Many are lucky to even have jobs.
  9. Having more than 5 days Service Incentive Leave. The 15 vacation and sick leaves are NOT mandated by law.
  10. HMOs are privileges. They are NOT mandated by law. Most companies don’t give them.
  11. Having aircon when you sleep at night. Most don’t even have a comfortable place to sleep in.
  12. Being able to pay your credit card bill in full per month. Actually, a credit card is also a privilege.
  13. Having a bank savings account. Many do not even have an ID to open a cash card.
  14. Not being able to take public transport when they commute to work. Most are forced to.
  15. Having a healthy and normal child. Many do not have this luxury and have children that require lifelong extra care.
  16. Conceiving naturally without resorting to IVF treatments.
  17. Having household help —- Yaya, drivers and labanderas. Taga-alaga ng aso.
  18. Being able to buy things without worrying too much about the price knowing you can still afford it.
  19. Having a family that is not dependent on your financial support. Many people have ate and kuyas who constantly “borrow” money from you because they are unemployed and need money to fund their families and lifestyle. If you’re only supporting your own family, swerte ka na.
  20. Being debt and “sanla” free. If you’re paying at most 1% per month for debt, you’re extremely lucky already. In the Philippines, 5/6 offers debt at 10-20% per MONTH.

Bonus: Still being alive despite the mess that was COVID-19. If you and your family are still COVID-19 free, healthy and safe, then count yourself to be extremely privileged.

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