For Those who Received Double Aid — How Honest Are you?

My letter to my staff wrote like this:


Our company was approved for the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS). The government will give Php 16,000. The first tranche has been released. The second tranche is to follow. This is government’s help to us being a private employee at CompanyName. Please conserve this money to ensure we have enough throughout the ECQ/GCQ. Please note that employees who received SBWS should not resign. If you resign or go AWOL before the period SBWS deems, we will deduct this from the final pay. If there’s not enough, we will still charge this to you and hold you liable.

You received CAMP/SBWS because you are a Private Employee. This is FOR YOU. Please receive it and ENJOY IT. As a Private Worker though, the government EXEMPTS YOU from applying and receiving money from the DSWD’s Social Amelioration Program (SAP) as per the DSWD Memorandum Circular No. 09, Series of 2020. DSWD Secretary Rolando Bautista reiterated this last April 28 via (13:00-14:08).
Families with members who are working in the private sector or those working in the formal economy are not the target beneficiaries of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP). Duplication of aid is NOT allowed.
This month, DSWD will check their recipients’ list to see if the SAP recipients are truly eligible for SAP. If the applicant is found to have a family member who received CAMP or SBWS, once caught, DSWD will ask for the SAP allocation back. If you know your family is not qualified, please return the money you got from SAP to the local DSWD Office.
IMPORTANT IF YOU RETURN: Please ensure that you receive 1) a Certification that the DSWD Officer received the money , 2) get an Official Receipt, and 3) Take a photo with him showing you turned over the money. Do NOT leave without the Certification. This is proof that you returned the SAP because you know this money is not for you. Attached is a sample of the Certificate to prevent corruption.
You may do so out of your own free will, or wait for the DSWD Officer to ask for the money back. If you voluntarily return the money, that shows a lot about your character.
All I can say is, there is no greater testament to a person’s HONESTY and INTEGRITY than a man who returns money that is not his, at a time he needs it the most, because it was the right thing to do. Please send me the proof that you have done so, and I will share it with others. As to whether you choose to be honest or not, that decision is up to you. Yes, money might be tighter, but at least you didn’t sell your character for just a lousy Php 16,000. Honest people are always wanted in CompanyName.
If there’s any questions, please do not hesitate to approach me. My numbers are ___________.
Warm regards,

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