Current Events: “Sorry, Pare!” and the Dasma Makati Story

A foreigner, Javier Salvador Parra who lived in Dasmarinas Village Makati sparked a Netizen row after he came half dressed out of his house to defend his helper, Cherelyn, who was spotted without a face mask watering plants in his property.

Actually, the only thing the police officer wanted was for the Parra to pay the php1,000 fine, as per violation of Makati Ordinance 2020-89 declared from last April 14, which state that Makati residents must wear a face mask while outdoors or in public places during the ECQ.

As an arrogant jerk who thinks being rich entitles him to look down on authority, Mr. Parra started spewing profanities against the policemen. But to be fair:

1. The police officer, Roland Madrona, calmly and nicely asked Mr. Parra that they can go to the barangay to settle the issue (0:01)

2. Madrona warned Mr. Parra three times that he’s shouting at them and there’s no need to shout (0:14).

3. Mr. Parra tells the wife to get out of there please and go take care of the kids (0:17).

4. Madrona correctly pointed out that Mr. Parra is under the influence of alcohol to which he admitted (0:26).

5. Madrona reminded Mr. Parra that he was not in his house wearing a mask and shouting at the police (0:59), which Mr. Parra admitted. So he returned back to his property.

6. Mr. Parra then claims, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” (1:06)

7. Mr. Parra keeps on shouting, “Get the fuck out of my house!” (1:32),

8. “Fuck off!” (1:38). “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” (1:50). “Fuck off!” (1:53, 1:57, 2:01, and it just gets really painful to listen with all the profanities).

9. After the 13th and last “Fuck you,” that’s the time that Madrona reacted. I know the police has to be calm and all that, but how much insult and curses should the police take with this prick?

See the complete video:

A statement released by Brgy. Dasmariñas to revealed that the police officer “was not fining anyone” but only “reprimanding” Parra.

Here is the complete statement of the Brgy Captain, who ironically is also a resident of Brgy. Dasmarinas:


Since ECQ started last March 5, 2020, the barangay sought assistance from PNP to implement with barangay tanods, Operation Bandillo. Operation Bandillo is conducted to educate and eliminate violators such as loitering in the streets, walking and jogging and recently wearing masks.

Yesterday’s incident was just one of those days where police together with Tanod patrolled the streets and reminded people of wearing masks. PSMS Madrona reminded the staff of the resident to wear mask or she will be fined.

The maid went inside the house. All of a sudden, the resident came out of the house without a mask and began cussing PSMS Madrona. PSMS Madrona was unfazed and cool and tried to explain that he was reminding them to follow the law. The Resident even pointed a dirty finger at PSMS Madrona and told him to go to Tondo and get out of his house. All the time PSMS Madrona was standing in the street.

Then when he wouldn’t stop, PSMS Madrona said, “I will arrest you”. The resident resisted arrest and when he was about to handcuff him, the wife said he had spinal injury.

PSMS Madrona let go of him out of humanitarian reasons. In the meantime, backup arrived. The superior of PSMS Madrona, Major Anthony Bagsik, decided to just blotter the incident because the wife was pleading with him. Major Bagsik discussed with me to summon them and have the lupon mediate between PSMS Madrona and the resident to not blow up the matter. PSMS Madrona had to follow his superior’s decision.

So they thought all is well that ends well. Late last night, we were surprised that he posted his one sided incident in social media and even wrote Rappler. I had a meeting with PSMS Madrona this morning. And he requested the barangay to help clear his name.

Makati has an ordinace requiring face masks in public places. This resident was on the street and sidewalk which belongs to DVA common area, therefore a public place. He was committing a crime in the presence of the officer and could be arrested even if he retreated to his property, barangay was advised.

Barangay was also advised that aside from Verbal Assault and Unjust Vexation, this is Violation of Art 151 of RPC for Simple Disobedience in relation to Local Ordinance requiring the wearing of face mask, and for being intoxicated outside the house. He can also be charged with violation of R.A. 11332, sec 9e for failure to follow guidelines set by DOH.

— Brgy Capt Rossana Hwang of Barangay Dasmariñas.

Now, the issue’s blown way out of proportion

Just imagine, all this for a face mask?

The whole thing started because the maid was caught not wearing her face mask while watering the plants. In all sense and purposes, her offense was a petty issue. She could have easily been left off by saying, “Sorry,” and asking for paumanhin.

But no, she did not.

Instead of saying sorry, she told her boss.

In anger, he charged outside half naked to confront the police. And instead of apologizing, he launches this curse heavy tirade which was caught on video.

Just imagine, if he simply said, “Sorry, pare,” all this would have blown over. “Hindi na mauulit

Instead, he launched a few curse words here and there saying “Fuck you!” And “Get out of my fucking house!” All the while standing in the street.

The video was painful, and is definitely R-18. Parra was also not in his private property. The road is owned by the Dasmarinas Village Association (DVA) but is still governed by Philippine law. The ordinance is clear — wear masks when outside.

This is an invaluable lesson for all.

First, it doesn’t matter where you live or how rich you are. If you are in the wrong, say sorry.

We live in a pakiusap filled world. Why wouldn’t this be different?

Two, don’t puff your ego just because you’re wealthy and live in Dasmarinas. Even how wealthy you are, if you are wrong, please respect the police who are just doing their job. Don’t lose your temper and shout profanities at him just because.

Three, if you can settle the issue amicably, do so. I believe the issue has been settled on the day itself. However, for some reason, Mr. Parra chose to escalate the issue by emailing a prominent news source with this alleged email:

Dear […]

I am contacting you about the Makati Police inflicting a physically assault and physical injury on me.

At around 6pm my staff Cherelyn was watering the front yard of my house which is within my property at XXXX Dasmarinas Ave, of the Dasmarinas Village subdivision.

I chose this residence for the safety and privacy of my family….

Suddenly, Cherelyn came inside the house to tell me that the makati police had entered the subdivision and was in front of our house right now and wants to fine me 1000 Pesos for not wearing a face mask, despite being on our private property.

I wasn’t aware that there is a law saying that inside your own property you must wear a face mask.

I went outside to inquire why the police man would want to collect 1000 pesos. I told him frankly that a fine isn’t necessary as it occurred on a private property. It escalated with the police man charging at me and trespassing my private property without a valid search warrant and wanting to arrest me for no valid reason.

My wife, who took the video, advised the policeman that he has no valid warrant of arrest and is not in the right to arrest me. Despite of this, on my own lawn, the policeman grabbed my hands and brutally threw me to the ground and caused me physical injury and abrasions as pictured.

He continued to scuffle and keep me on the ground to put handcuffs on me. His name tag is clearly visible in the video.

Finally the guy let go of me and my wife was able to tell him he can’t arrest my husband without an arrest warrant.

I had bloodied elbows and hands at this point as can be seen on the photos.

Finally I was able to evade the gone havoc policeman by entering my front door, while he was still trespassing my property by standing on my front lawn.

I asked my friend […], who also lives in Dasmarinas Village, to contact you immediately minutes after above transpired.

I am shocked that Makati police has entered my private lawn and property to arrest me because my staff Cherelyn watered the plants on my property without wearing face mask.

Does Makati police not have better things to do, like stop real criminals? If there was no camera running, would he perhaps have shot me, like the police man did with the mentally challenged man few days ago?

[…]. My concern is mainly that this police officer and Makati police does this also to the poor, who are not as defensive as me. Filipinos are all in a dire situation with the lockdown, the last thing they need is Makati policemen going havoc on Makati citizens.

Do remember that Makati police arrested Dasmariñas Village security guard for not letting pass Mayor Junjun Binay. They were arrested and put into a jail cell. I am glad to having been able to evade this illegal arrest.

Here is the video which you can upload to your YouTube account and of which I fully transfer to you the rigs to publish. It was taken by my wife.

Attached are also photos of my bloodied door and injuries.

I also suffer of a spinal injury which causes me immense pain in my lower back and legs. Having been thrown on the floor and brutalized and attempted to be illegally arrested, has caused me immense physical pain.

If you have further questions, please contact me at WhatsApp […] or via this email. You can also visit me at my home address XXX Dasmarinas Village.

There were a total of 7 police cars from Makati police station, which were Mitsubishi Monteros with flashi. Blue lights before my house, which my friend […], whom I called for help during this transpiration, has also witnessed. His WhatsApp is […].

Best regards,

Javier Salvador Parra

The media agency wrote the following headline, which blew up the Internet:

With this photo highlighted on the article:

In light of the news article, the police was forced to release the video and the barangay issued a defense of the police. Unfortunately, a more objective video showed Mr. Parra on a bad light.

How will this end?

The Department of Interior and Local Government said that subdivisions should respect the rules.

Mr. Parra said he will sue the police.

The police said he has filed a formal complaint against Mr. Parra.

And in a funny twist of fate, this happened:

Mr. Parra is most likely overstaying his visa.


All this ruckus because someone was too proud to say, “Sorry, pare.”

And this is just one of the stories that Filipinos bother about during the Expanded Community Quarantine (ECQ).

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