COVID-19 Update: Seniors, Please Stay at Home!

Senior citizens are protesting the government’s movement to stay at home.

They said they want to go out, shop, buy medicines. They say it is unconstitutional to stay home, saying it feels like house arrest.

The well-respected businessman and blogger, Mr. John Gaisano, wrote the following statement today in support of Yafuibanag’s statement (below):

John Gaisano

While I’m sure Mr. Gaisano meant well, I think his call for freedom is dangerous.

Seniors are Complaining about the “House Arrest”

The problem is that many seniors do not believe that they are at risk.


They claim that they are HEALTHY seniors. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, a high percentage of seniors die.

While nobody would argue that seniors are from the “high risk” group, many still believe that they are immune from getting infected, and even dying from the disease. Some have even complained that “Protection NOT isolation” and calls the quarantine of healthy seniors similar to a mandatory house arrest. Here is the post by YAFUIBANAG that is circulating around the Internet.


My Concern for the Seniors:


Our family friend, a President of a Top 100 Philippine company, died of COVID-19. He was 65 years old.

It does not matter if he heads a billion dollar company. It does not matter if he hired thousands of people. It does not matter if he has grandkids.

When he died, he left them all behind. It is a disservice to everyone when he passed away. He cannot be a breadwinner if he died. He cannot pass his knowledge of operations after he died. His family was not comforted when he died.

I know a lot of COVID-19 who died who were great and respectable contributors of society. One is my daughter’s kindergarten principal who heads a 50-year institution. She changed the life of so many students.

It didn’t change the fact that it only took 2 weeks after they got COVID-19 that they died.

Can’t we wait until the coast is clear? COVID-19 will not be here forever. What’s a few more weeks of quarantine to ensure that the virus has gone away and can’t hit our seniors?

COVID-19 is no joke. It does NOT excuse the wealthy. It does NOT excuse the good. It does NOT excuse your contributions in life.

Once you die, it’s over. Please take quarantining your seniors seriously.

COVID-19 Kills More Seniors than any other Age Group

COVID-19 has killed more senior citizens than any other demographic.

In Italy, 24,600 of their dead are aged 60 years old and above. That’s a whopping 87.4% of their deaths, all aged 60 years old and above!

In the USA, the deaths are heavily skewed towards those 65 years old and above. In the USA, a whopping 72.3% of those who died were aged 65 year old and above:

Age of Coronavirus DeathsSource: Worldometer, Death Statistics

It seems that the older you are, the probability of you dying significantly goes up when you’re aged 65 years old and above:

death rate 2
Source: Worldometer, Death Statistics

This is most likely due to seniors possessing more pre-existing illnesses that put patients at higher risk of dying from a COVID-19 infection. These include the following common diseases:


The numbers are consisted with those released by the Philippine Department of Health. While those younger who get the virus recover, many of those who die are from the critical age group of 60 years old and above.

DOHSource: Department of Health, Updates on Novel Coronavirus Disease

Ironically, children are of zero danger here. To my knowledge, there’s only one baby with COVID-19 who has died, a 29 day old baby from Batagas. While I think the baby died of other means, the baby still tested positive of COVID-19 at the time of death.

After May 15, ECQ will be lifted on most of the sectors (The complete list can be found here). This means that most people can go back to work so long as they wear face masks and practice social distancing rules.


However,the government issued the follow up mandate, and asked the Seniors and the Children to stay at home, even after ECQ is lifted on May 16:

Children (0 to 20 years old), elderly (60 years old and above), and people with high-risk health issues are not allowed to go out of their homes


This has elicited a lot of complaints by the seniors aged 60 years old and above. They called such move as unconstitutional and unfair. Many insist that they still need to get out of the house to buy essential goods, go to the bank and buy their medicines. I know many seniors who still prefer to go to the bank themselves and deposit their money.

The problem with being lax with seniors going out is that:

1. If they get sick, chances are, mortality rate is higher and they will die.

2. If they get sick, they will need to be hospitalized. And our hospitals have limited capacities. 

If their their conditions become critical, they would have to be intubated and placed in the ICU. ICU beds are limited, and they will take up invaluable space, just because they refused to stay home.


3. If they get sick and are confined, their bills will skyrocket regardless on whether they die or not. 

44 days

For example, at 44 days, how much do you think his family should pay? The hospital bill is not free. This patient was billed Php 1.3 million for their hospital stay. Even if the patient died, the hospital still has the right to bill the family, otherwise, they would not release the body.

Please note that Philhealth will only cover the maximum bills per patient from April 16, 2020. Anything more than that should be shouldered by the family of the patient:

smartCourtesy: Smart Parenting Philippines.

4. The life of senior citizens in our life are PRICELESS.

How can you put a price tag to the life of a loved one?


One friend we know only went to the bank and then went straight home. He caught the disease, was hospitalized for almost a month, in ICU for 2 weeks, and then died due to symptoms complicated with COVID-19. His wife was also infected and hospitalized, but survived.

Another friend went to the mall, got COVID-19 and then died too.

What’s the point of going out and risk catching a disease that would enable us not to have a tomorrow to enjoy with? Will it kill us to just stay home for a little while until the coast is clear? Yes, it’s tough to stay at home. But at least you do not deprive a grandchild of more time with his/her lolo or lola.


That’s an even bigger loss than not going out for a few weeks for groceries.

Seniors, please stay at home.

Do it for us, the ones you will leave behind if in case you die. I know that God is in control of our destiny and has already set who lives or who dies. But this is not the time to be foolish and say, “Bahala na si God.” 

COVID-19 does not spare the religious and the Born Again. Pastors who shouted that this is only a hysteria have died after contracting COVID-19. 

Bishop Gerald Glenn, the pastor of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Virginia, has died and was tested positive for coronavirus.


Glenn said in a sermon on March 22, “I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus,” and announced he was not afraid to die. Well, he died with COVID-19. The church made announcement of his demise on Easter Sunday.

InSouth Korea, members of the Shincheonji Church amassed a total of 5,212 coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, accounting for about 48.5 percent of all infections.

No matter which country, the statistics are the same — For COVID-19, age and sex appear to be strong predictors of who lives and who dies.

Once again, let’s not play Russian Roulette with our lives. Everyone should take care and practice their own social distancing. Let us not repeat the same mistake of the Spanish Flu in 1918:

same mistake

Another post concurs:

Protect our seniors!


Please please please stay home!


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