Stepping Up in an Emergency

It’s time for businessmen to step up in an emergency.

COVID-19 is not under the government’s control. Every country is experiencing this, and everyone is affected.

The main question we businessmen is, “What have we done for our own staff?”

The government helps but the buck stops with us.

The government has already prepared the DOLE CAMP program, which offers a one off, non-conditional financial assistance of php5,000 per staff if they are affected by the lockdown and had to shut down. Details are found here:

Form is found here: Covid-19 Adjustment Measures Program Application Form:

Click to access ER-COVID19-Monitoring-Form_as-per-Labor-Advisory-09-s.2020.pdf

Have you applied yet?

Our small company applied last week and our staff has just received the php5,000 today via Palawan. Multiply this with thousands of workers, a lot of people had been helped. And it’s only been two days since they started disbursing.

Of course, not everyone is qualified and not all can get. But this is way more than what every day workers from previous admins got. I know it’s not perfect, but I also know they are doing their best. I am thankful to the efforts this government is giving (even though I did not vote for Duterte the previous election.

For the other expenses, these are what managing a business is all about. I’m sad too. We are in for a sucky most likely loss making year. But that’s what we signed up for when we became business owners.

If we hired people who are not needed or are expensive, we pay for it. If we chose to loan and expand, then we were not ready for a rainy day. If the landlords do not waive, we can complain later. I heard the government is asking the lessors to waive. Just send a letter of request, and if they don’t fulfill, just report them accordingly.


Business is risk taking. We knew what we signed up for when we started a business. If we can’t handle this, we should have worked for an MNC like Ayala or P&G. Sila, bayad ang staff. Even if no work, may pay pa. Kung ganoon, don’t be a businessman. Work for a big company instead para safe lahat.

But we chose to be businessmen.

I’m not happy with the situation too, but I am dipping on company funds we saved for a rainy day.

This is an emergency.

As a business owner, I am grateful for what the government helps. But I will not also fully depend on the government to save me or my people.

With or without CAMP, we have decided to make sure our people get paid something every cut off. We will give financial help to our staff and hindi namin sila pababayaan. Every cut off, may makukuha sila. It won’t be big but it will feed their families. We are a small company so can’t afford to give a lot, but I calculate it will be enough to get them by.

Once we run out of gifted money, we will open salary loan option to the staff. That’s in the next two cut offs in case the lockdown continues. Para walang magugutom and once the lockdown lifted, people have the strength to report back to work.

If the company does not have enough money, do what you can and give what you can. After all these profitable years, wala bang iba? If we really ask ourselves, mayroon. Sacrifice lang talaga.



Lugi na nga, bibigay pa? It took me days and nights to finally let go of my fears to give. Lugi na kung lugi, bawi nalang later. Huwag lang magutom ang tao natin.

A proverb from the wisest man that ever lived: “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act” (Prov. 3:27).


Take a moment today to pray asking God to guide you in what you can personally do to help someone or to serve others during this crisis time. Ask our Father to give you a soft heart and to enable you to obey His prompting and leading.

I’m doing my part.

I hope other businessmen are doing theirs and stepping up at this critical time.

I know of owners with 300 people and have doled up zero, hiding behind the “no work, no pay” mantra. Yes, that’s legal, but in good conscience, kaya mo yan? Us with a car, a solid roof over our heads and a ref that’s filled up for the lockdown? I know many can afford it —- pero ayaw lang to dip in our own pockets.

So as business owners, what are we going to do now?

That’s really up to us, isn’t it?

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