Recommended Restaurant Review: Savage MNL, BGC Taguig

For brother’s birthday, we drove all the way to BGC Taguig for a nice dinner at Savage MNL.

Savage MNL is located in the relatovely isolated Arya Residences in BGC Taguig. With only a Starbucks, a Japanese restaurant and Lemuria for neighbors, you wonder how it still keeps profitable.

We love the place though. Located above Helm, Savage MNL was cozy, woodsy and served enough interesting varieties of food and alcohol to be worth the trip.

For appetizers, we tried the Devilled Eggs with Smoked Oil and Ash (₱280.00).

Husband loved this dish and finished another serving. I felt that it was lovely but in a way reminded me of egg salad with a bit of crunch.

The cured duck breast with kalamata olives and parsley (₱380.00) was salty and a bit underwhelming. I would suggest another dish to order on our next trip back:

The waiter suggested the salad. Maybe we would go for this next time. We polished this dish very quickly as the cured duck was thinly sliced and easy to finish.

For the mains, we had the King Edward pork chop with mustard leaf and chimichurri (₱690).

This was quite lovely. The meat was tender and easy to eat. The sauce was not heavy, and the dish can be eaten alone.

We also ordered the 16 oz ribeye with charred onion (₱2,600), cooked medium rare.

This was a delight to eat and was the best dish of the night. Even though it looked smaller than the blog post photos I read, the taste more than made up for it and every bite was tender, flavorful and an experience.

This is way better than Wolfgang’s ribeye which might look bigger and feel more impressive, but was dry and less delicious.

We had the charred corn served as a side. It was nice but needed a bit of cheese to give it a stronger kick.

My mom loved the tuna jaw, yeast and miso (₱980). We honestly didn’t know where to start, but my mom loved every bit of it.

She had tons of fun deboning it.

That tuna part was huge! Very interesting to see how Savage was able to serve tuna but in a less conventional manner.

We had Savage rice (₱95) which was interesting. I still prefer the rice in other restaurants.

For desser, we had the strawberry meringue (₱220) and they were sweet enough to give my brother a free cake (₱190 but free for our meal).

Who says birthday celebrations can’t be sweet if not done at Savage?

We also tried out a variety of coffees (₱140 to ₱190) and beer. This was their Cafe Con Miel which was served with honey, nutmeg, and a cinnamon stick. I loved this coffee best.

The Damage

There were five of us and the entire meal was around ₱7,425.00 which came out to around ₱1,500 per pax for a delicious meal with drinks, dessert and coffee.

The price was way more affordable than Helm, which is owned by the same guys, but charge a heftier price tag. I wrote about our anniversary dinner experience then here.

Honestly, Savage MNL gives better bang for the buck. The food is still interesting, more down to earth and fills you up. While Helm might be a more upscale experience, Savage is a restaurant you can visit over and over with friends and family.

We enjoyed our family dinner at Savage and would not mind to visit again to try the other dishes.

To make reservations, please contact them via their Facebook messanger or message them by text at +63-915-333 9546.

Have a good week ahead!

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