My Thoughts on the Hong Kong Protests

I had people messaging me privately after I posted this video online:

Look, it’s hard for friendships when politics come in. However, I am glad both sides are still respectful even if we disagree. We can always respectfully agree to disagree with each other.

But just to clarify what I am actually upset about —- I have lived in HK as well and have friends who are both pro-and anti-protestors. I understand where the protestors’ frustrations are coming from, but disagreed from the moment that some of the rioters turned violent. The turning point was when they hostaged the airport, cancelling flights for that day.


Because from then on, for me, the protest went to a point of no return. And by becoming increasingly lawless in how they protest, the protestors are forcing the government’s hand to do what the protestors do not want! By becoming more and more violent, they are inviting martial law, and China’s intervention. Now who wants that?

Do you see why I am pissed?

Not because I am pro or anti China, but rather because I saw clearly at that time the turning point —- That after that moment, the protestors became “rioters” and “terrorists,” and governments, especially China, will never negotiate with them.

Protests are supposed to show the government the people’s discontent so that change can happen. The Philippines had it in 1986 during the EDSA Revolution, toppling a dictator who ruled for two decades. Effective protests meant winning the hearts of the people, the media, and the international community as to force the government their hand to elicit actual change.

The protestors wasted a valuable opportunity to do so. The Umbrella revolution was actually kinda effective until it eventually fizzled out. But it worked and still got traction. The symbol of the umbrella grabbed everyone’s attention. That was actually a good strategy.

But in this round, instead of continuing on peacefully, the protestors turned violent… and after the petrol bombs, the baseball bats, the spray cans and the destruction, how easy was it for them to just create even more chaos that you see today? When is enough, enough?

After the turning point, the protests then became an effort of futility. That’s why I am pissed. I’m pissed because nobody saw this coming, and allowed the protests to be increasingly violent. Because given the circumstance, NOBODY WINS. Nobody can win anymore.


The Hong Kong I knew is rational, secure and very international. There is nothing of that left, with no end in sight. The city is hurting, disrupted, and in chaos. Everyone is afraid. Local Hong Kong is hurting fellow Hong Kong people. Remove the shirts, and everyone who’s fighting each other are all Hongkies! So I’m asking you, who wins?

In truth, I’m all ok for people fighting for their rights. Our people did as well. But our people did so peacefully, earning the sympathy of the international community, the media, AND earning the support of the military and police. That’s how Marcos was toppled.

Unfortunately, what the HK protestors did was the opposite. Even if we disagree as to the right or wrong of what’s going on, can we at least agree that lawlessness is NOT the way to win this battle?

Because a lot of the vandalism, violence and destruction is unnecessary. And that’s what I am strongly against of. I want the Hong Kong I know back —- you know, the city which is safe and peaceful and sane.

Again, I am not against why they are protesting… I am against HOW they are protesting.

I hope you do not suggest that destroying the MRT station, hostaging an airport for the nth time, and lighting things up on fire are good strategies to win a battle. There are way better, more intelligent and more effective strategies than that. If that happened in EDSA, the results would not be the same.

So I wish people can see the light and stop blaming each other, and start looking for solutions. Like, what are the actual deep-seated issues beyond the extradition law? And how do we stop destroying Hong Kong to the point of no return?

We all love Hong Kong, that we can all agree. So all I am asking for is, please, stop the protestors from continuing to destroying your own city. I thought Hong Kong would be better than that. Please stop the violence. It does not help anyone. And it will also not help the cause.

Because if this continues on, Hong Kong will be an empty shell of what it once was, and then what? As I said, nobody wins. And the sad part is, who wanted that?

Not you.

Not me.

Not anyone.


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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Hong Kong Protests

  1. The real terrorists is the government of HK and China. The governments of the two are the lawless ones. They do not follow the rule of law. They suppress true rule of law. Did the founding fathers of America have a choice against Britain? No, they had to start a revolution and fight. That is what the protesters are doing. No oppressive regime in the world ever decided to give up power to the people and allow free elections. Except maybe Taiwan. But then again how many Taiwanese died years before for this to happen? So the only thing that these regimes understand is violence. You have to fight for freedom. It does not come peacefully. You know the saying : it is better to fight and die standing than to live on your knees”. That is the decision of the people of HK. They have been pushed enough, they have seen their freedoms taken away little by little and now they are fighting.

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