Profound Lessons from Bike Riding

My 3 year old is learning how to ride a bike today.

If you’ve noticed, if you bike the wrong way — backward — the movement is super easy.

But the bike won’t go forward.

However, if you exert effort and pedal the bike forward, you meet a lot of resistance… but the bike goes forward eventually.

My daughter is stubborn and keeps on pedaling backward.

The front chain moves but the bike doesn’t.

Try it — It frustratingly doesn’t.

She keeps on doing over and over, and it doesn’t seem to move.

Such is life — do the wrong things over and over again and you wonder why you don’t get anywhere.

And yet, we stubbornly insist in doing the same wrong thing over and over.

We don’t get anywhere unless we learn the lesson.

It is only when we exert effort, have the strength to peddle forward, that we actually get where we are supposed to.

There are no short cuts.

Effort must be made.

Direction must be forward.

And our bike will go far far and away.

Only after when momentum builds that our bike can drive fast with minimum effort.

But the hard work and effort must be done in the beginning.

My 3 year old is still learning the lesson.

But a lot of people who are 30 are still learning the same lesson as well.

So bike riding has profound lessons.

For me, for you and of course, for my Pea.

Have a good weekend ahead!

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