Hiring in the Philippines

Girl A I hired two weeks before texted me the day before she was supposed to start to say she will no longer accept the offer she accepted two days before.

Girl B I hired last week came only for a day, and then didn’t report to work anymore. No text, no call, no nothing.

I hired another guy, Guy C, the next day.

Guy C actually came.

I hired another guy, Guy D, as a backup.

Guy D came in today.

To be honest, Guy C and Guy D came today and they are working. Guy C is in his second day, and Guy D is in his first day.

This is how hiring is done in the Philippines — Applicants don’t really have any word of honor, and you can never really know how good or reliable an applicant is unless you try them out.

Let’s see which guy will remain by the end of next week. The girl who resigned still has 2 weeks to train these two dudes.

But if Guy C and Guy D don’t show up, I will be interviewing again by the end of next week to hopefully get Guy or Girl E.




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