Dear Mom and Dad: I am Losing my Sanity

Dear mom and dad,

How are things at home? MBA life has been quite exhausting to date. Aside from balancing my extracurricular activities, networking and multiple, never-ending group meetings, we are constantly barraged by 7-chapter Data Analysis quizzes, a regression case that we haven’t even discussed yet in class, a few papers, a marketing case study, and so on and so forth. I think the professors forgot that we only have 24 hours a day, and they’re not the only subjects that we have to take care of!

Presently, I’ve been having a hard time sleeping earlier than 2:00am. There is just too much work to be done! This can be troublesome as class starts at 9:00am sharp and you know how hard it is for me to wake up. I’ve already reverted to two alarm clocks and considering the need for a third one. Maybe I should buy this gadget called Clocky which is an alarm clock that falls from the table, makes a lot of cute noises and wakes people up. I think that would be an excellent idea, don’t you think?

Not only that, as usual, we have to balance the moods of both classmates and professors. I think the biggest challenges right now is time prioritization. Given that every group has five (5) people and groupmates vary according to the subject, we are finding it more difficult to find a common time to meet. Especially given that group discussions take at least an hour if we’re lucky and around 2.5 hours on average to finish, this can really hamper meeting times. Right now, I’m all booked in almost every day this week, and since finals are two weeks away, you can just imagine how hellish my calendar looks right now.

To top it off, Trader is enjoying himself with a two-week vacation to the US with his sister. I am very jealous of him though he always complains of being exhausted and on the bus the whole time. Knowing his energy levels, I am not really that surprised. However, as he is no longer here as my daily outlet, I am sort of losing my vibe, and I’m stressed out more these days. It really does make a difference if you have an outlet to complain to (Poor Trader, right?). It’s really different if you talk and hear from him everyday and now, you’re relegated to just receiving an email or two. Haha, but at least, he still emails. Remember that ex-boyfriend who didn’t email for two weeks while on vacation? There’s a reason he’s now an ex. 🙂

Other than that, the focus has just been school, school and school. I have also been quite busy consulting with some alumni and other interested parties on club activities. We’re coming up with a large event next year — a conference — which was similar to what I did before, but on a much smaller scale. The challenge however is that our school is doing it for the first time ever, so everyone’s input is always valuable and needed. Hence, I’ve been running around asking and listening to advice and making sure that everybody feels that they’ve been heard. It’s all behind the scenes, but hopefully, we’ll come with a win-win event that everyone can be proud of.

I am trying to get to sleep early now. Hopefully, today’s a 1am sleeptime day. Tomorrow, there’s a Data Analysis quiz (darn it), a Data Analysis case discussion, and I will start working on my Data Analysis and Marketing homework. To top it off, HSBC’s CEO will be in town so that should take up a chunk of my time.

Don’t think I’m complaining though — I am definitely enjoying my MBA experience. It’s just that sometimes, I wish that I had the time to actually savor my education. At this rate of running around that I’ve been doing, it seems that my days are just revolving around eat, sleep and study. Then trying to make everyone happy and myself sane.

It’s a tough problem to have but hopefully, you know that I do think of you and hope you are well. Take care and love you!

Your Loving Daughter,


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