“It’s Complicated”

It’s funny – a month after starting MBA, some long-term, long-distances are starting to unravel.

Whilst many people came into an MBA in a relationship, for some reason, a handful are now either “on a break,” or reverted to a status of “it’s complicated.”

It does make me think though — what is it about an MBA program that tempts people to switch? Mind you, I do believe that our student quality is stellar so the temptation would always be there. However, how do you disregard a relationship you’ve had for years, with a person who loves you and whose been with you through many thick and thin times?

It’s the proximity,” they said. Maybe it’s the attention. Or the guiltless pursuit by persistent classmates/suitors who doesn’t seem to care that you’re already attached.

Take me. Choose me. Be with me.”

How many times are we swayed by these words?

I wonder though if the pursuit is all there is? And once you are indeed taken, the interest decreases substantially.

Maybe it’s really the law of supply and demand — For 115 students of which only 33% are female, finding an unmarried one albeit attached is a bit difficult. Given the close proximity, hilarity ensues.

In a way, it’s all a game, don’t you think?

I wish my classmates and friends all the best of course, and wish them to find happiness in the program, but if they leap, just leap with caution. Maybe, just maybe, you may find that the grass ain’t greener in the other side and you’ve actually let go of a really nice guy for a jerk.

It’s too early to make any judgements. After all, it’s only been a month.

However, there are still no cracks. We are still holding our dignities steady. Let’s just hope that people won’t start cracking and making a complete fool of themselves.

Have a great weekend!


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