When God answers prayers…

…you’ll never guess what to expect.

It’s funny how God answers prayers.

Last Sunday, I was having tea with a friend when she told me that she’s resorted to God to help her with her confusing love life. She suggests I do the same.

Ask God for guidance, and He will give it to you,” she said.

I pray to God that night, for wisdom to make the right decisions and for him to make it as easy for me as possible. That’s because sometimes, God allows miserable things to fall on our lap just to make a  point.

I slept.

The next day, four of my colleagues resigned.

We’ve just received our bonuses just recently and people were cashing out after not having been paid last year. Maybe it was because they received a better offer in another firm. Who really knew?

The greatest surprise was that my colleague, my partner resigned.

Are you kidding me?” I flabbergastedly asked her when she whispered to me hre news. “You’re joking, right?”

She wasn’t.

She said she wanted a change in pace. Leaving for personal reasons. She wanted to take a break.


She was doing very well, and together we’ve managed to split the kingdom to two. She did her part and did it well, while I did mine and did it equally well.

And now, she was leaving it all to me.

Ask for a raise,” Trader teased. “Before, you were important. Now you’re indispensable.”

It would’ve been the very best time to ask for one.

If two of your two-person team who was doing something quite crucial quit en masse, well that would be a coup.

However, I’ve thought about it. My firm has always treated me fairly and well, and it would be very evil to quit especially when they need you the most. It’s the least I can do is to offer a bit of humanity into the role when everyone is seeking the higher salary.

Not that I haven’t.

Recently, I’ve interviewed at a competitor, only to find out that I like my own firm, thank you very much.

Anyway, I’ve already sent in my MBA applications last week.

And I see that life has offered me a bit of choices.

Really hope that I can get in.

So right now, I’ll do my darnest to hold the fort. It’s very tiring as doing two-people’s work is quite exhausting and in the evenings, I find myself yawning early.

However, it is what it is.

Thank you Lord for this answer. Just hope that I can understand fully what it is you meant for me, and I grab all opportunities fully with both hands.


Have a great weekend! Seeing Trader in Singapore tomorrow so very happy!

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