Love Hacks: The Choice is Simple — Forgive or to Leave

A lot of women complain about their significant others. Specifically, in the aspect of infidelity. “My husband cheated,” they would ask. “But he said he’s sorry. Do cheaters change?”

Obviously, every single woman would shout, “NO, Are you freaking nuts?! Don’t be a martyr!” This shout of indignation is followed by, “LEAVE HIS ASS!”


Why is it when our sensibilities are offended, women will immediately say, “LEAVE HIS ASS!” As if this is so easy to do especially when you’re legally married and have children together.

A friend of mine cannot get over the fact her boyfriend cheated on her. During lulls on their relationship, she would bring up the infidelity issue over and over despite the fact that the infidelity happened six months ago. This has caused the boyfriend to constantly ask for forgiveness, promised that he will change, and so far, has not done anything again that constitutes cheating.

The same with our driver’s wife. Every time he cheats, his wife threatens to leave him and to bring their two children along with him. The third time he was caught, she kicked him out of the house. So for a few months, he was living at his mother’s. The two children lived with her.

Then I learned that they are now living together during the ECQ.

eye roll

When men piss us off, we always have a choice to leave. If you think his infidelity is unacceptable, then you can always leave.

If you stay, you have to learn to forgive. Picking fights with him over and over on the same issue six months ago does NOTHING for the marriage. If you can’t forgive him and can’t forget the incident, then LEAVE. 

Because it’s so hard if you stay, and then fight continuously about the same issue over and over again. If he cheats on you, right then and there, you decide whether you want to leave or stay. If you stay, stay. If you want to leave, LEAVE.

Personally, I’ve already told husband that if he ever cheats on me, I’d chop his thing to a million pieces and feed it to the dogs. I will also ensure that he will never see his daughter ever again. That’s my threat.

So if he cheats on me, what choice do I have but to make good on my threat? Does he have to cheat on me over and over before I really go?

If he sticks his thing on somebody else’s hole, I’d just go.


No more posting of rants on Facebook.

No more fighting and crying.

No more throwing pots and pans at him.

He’s made his choice. He chose somebody else but me. So this is the consequence of his actions.

Bye happily married life. Bye stupid husband. Husband say bye to your daughter.

Women should only have one word lang, or as they say, isang salita. If you threaten and he still does it, you make good on your threat. Men are not kids that you give chances over and over, and every time you give a chance, you still hurt inside.

It’s really that simple — If he cheats. FORGIVE.

If you can’t forgive, just LEAVE.

How about you? Do you agree with this?

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