PeopleMatters 2023: Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters Ester Martinez starts by asking, “How is your weather in your own self, your own organization, in your own industry?”

Her message can be summarized as:

1. Gratitude:

Today started 5 years ago with a dream to bring together the largest TechHR conference in one room. For PeopleMatters, today started 14 years ago and thanks to everyone to make it happen.

2. Recognition:

Thank you for investing time to prioritize learning, opportunities and connections. So we ask ourselves the question on what the art of possibilities we have

From a business perspective, what does the art of possibilities to me?

From a people strategy lens….

From a technology lens…

From a self-growth lens…

A Powerful Map: Ester encourages us to shift our mindsets

There is a different way to serve our society through business. Via the Two-Loop model, they start learning from each other and another system that emerges. People as a resources in the value chain shifts to people as a source.

What role do you embody?

Shifts cannot happen overnight. The system has to be mature enough. Now, many companies are operating differently. The four roles are:

Pioneers: Who come up with new innovations

Caregivers: Who know that the system is broken and is thinking how to reduce the pain

– Illuminators: Identify pioneers and help people transition to bring them to the new system

Protectors: Inside the dominant system who are influential inside the system. So your job is to protect the pioneers and support the illuminators to help the company transition.

When you talk to others, then you realize that everyone looks at things on a different lens.

Where are you in the process and what’s the role to be played?

INSIGHT: Technology decisions are so important. Technology changes entail costs, sacrifice and pain, and we must ensure that the technology change brings something extra and productive to the organization. Otherwise, it may be better to remain where you are.

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