Layover at Instanbul and onto our Final Destination

We used Turkish airlines this time, and it’s an 11.5 hour ride to Istanbul where we will have a lay over to Prague.

Turkish Airways had a decent legroom, an average meal and so-so service. They gave the kids a toy pack so that was really nice.

Here was our mea of stir fried beef and lemon chicken:

The movie selection was a tad lackluster but hey, we’re not picky so I still managed to watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which was better than expected. I heard a lot of negative reviews about it so I’m glad it did not suck.

The Layover

The international airport in Istanbul is neat but quiet. We arrived around 5:30am.

People were sleeping in some of the benches.

But after the transfer area, the main airport is bustling with people.

Shopping is a bit affordable depending on the shop, but the coffee is ridiculously expensive at USD 27 or Php 1,500 a cup!

Brother accidentally bought one but we managed to sit in the coffee shop for free so that was a perk.

It was only after buying the banana that I realized our mistake. The green apple was 5.50 a piece while a banana cost 11.00 (Php606) a piece!

After grumbling that these were the most expensive fruits I’ve ever seen, I was surprised to be given change after paying EUR 11. Apparently it was not denominated by Euro, but Turkish Lira.

Silly me!

If so, the cup of coffee was just around Php250, while the banana was Php100. Still expensive but not 6x the price.

More scenes from our layover:

If you’re transferring, make sure you walk to the gate early. The airport is big and you have to walk for at least 10-15 minutes before getting to your gate. We were running around boarding time.

Back on the Plane

Back of the plane for 2.5 hours from Istanbul to Prague:

We have arrived in Prague!!!

Two vans took us to the hotel. It was a quaint hotel by foot the Charlesbridge. It was conveniently located in between the Old Town and Mat

Our room was a 5 minute walk away. Go down the alley and follow it until you reach the bridge.

There’s a garden restaurant on the right and a little past the bridge, a graffitied wall on the left.

And the John Lennon wall on the right.

Continue down the cobbled stone street until you reach a little church on the right.

Turn left on that corner, follow that road and the apartment is just on the left.

Upon arrival, it was an 2-bedroom apartment style with a quaint kitchenette. Around 6 people can comfortably live inside so it’s really a treat for us to stay here. Price is reasonable too.

The only bit of a hassle is that the toilet is separate from the bath and shower so you can’t do two businesses at the same time. This was the toilet:

And this was where you can bathe, shower and do the laundry:

Prague is super duper nice.

This was on the way to our hotel so it offered us a glimpse on what our 3 days here will be.

We are all very excited!

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