Highly Recommended: Kimnetix’s Art Sessions every Saturday Afternoon @ Conrad Manila

Are you looking for a relaxing creative activity every Saturday afternoon for a small fee of ₱350?

My daughter and I attended the Kimnetix Network-organized art session in Conrad Manila yesterday.

For a minimal charge of ₱350 per person, we were given a free art lesson by talented local Filipino artist. The reasonable ₱350 price already includes all the materials (!!!), the mini lesson, and relaxing company of fellowmen who apparently are more talented than moi.

Apparently, they do this EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY, from 3pm to 5pm, at the 3rd floor of Conrad Manila by the piano.

The scene was so idyllic and relaxing, you can’t believe it’s only for a minimum amount. The piano seranaded us throughout the afternoon, and we even enjoyed watching the sun go down the horizon.

The ₱350 bought us these materials and paint. The price is super sulit given that the acrylic paint itself cost a lot more than that in National Bookstore.

To start, paint the bags with a white base as follows:


Pencil your selected design onto the native bag. My daughter chose this easy butterfly design.

Start painting!

Despite the low price, the setting is cozy and intimate.

Everyone gets busy.

The daughter’s work comes together.

This was mine.

Here are the other people in action. Even though many are not professional artists, a lot are super talented.

The final results:

This was daughter’s:

Here was mine, showing you that people of every talent can join this fun activity. This was the front.

And this is the back.

The back looks better after the teacher taught us about color combination and shadowing. Apparently, to make a color darker, you should NOT apply black. Instead, you should mix it with the color opposite the color wheel.

I think the back design is better aftet the teacher’s lesson on shadowing and color combinations. See, even the least talented can improve if you attend even one of these sessions.

The teacher told us to apply an emusifier for the varnish finish when the paint was dry.

Here we are happy with our finished products.

Every session uses a different medium —- yesterday, it was acrylic in native bags, next week, it’s caulking, which is super duper cool. Caulking apparently looks like this:

Even kids of all ages can join. My daughter who is only 3 mustered enough patience to draw her butterfly bag with the help of yaya.

I would highly suggest this Saturday activity. For kids, for friends, both talented and not.

If you have time on a Saturday afternoon and want to learn something new, please try out this activity. It costs heaps elsewhere, and is a great way to relax with your friends (bring them!). Even though I’m not too artistic, we had a lot of fun.

This is one activity I’m glad to experience living in the Philippines. Where else can you pay just ₱350 (or USD7) and enjoy a 5-star experience doing art? Price may change per session of course, but the money you pay covers the materials you will use.

Super sulit so join na! ❤️❤️❤️

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