Stories of Manila: The Rascal

Our driver has a problem.

He cannot stop cheating on his wife, and because he was so reckless in doing it, he has been caught a handful of times.

This time around, he was once again, kicked out of his house by his irate wife.


I was more careful this time though,” he told my husband. “This time, I used protection. So that I won’t have the same problem anymore.”

Just last year, our driver got a 14-year old teenager pregnant. The girl was the younger sister of one of our office staff. Up until today, he denies that the baby is his.

The teenager found another older man who was willing to have someone a third of his age, with a baby to raise, as an insta-family. In a way, that problem ended relatively well. The underaged teenager found a better sugar daddy who was willing to raise her child as his own, releasing our driver from that financial responsibility.

The baby looks like our driver.

Our driver has two babies within the same time period, as the baby was conceived when his own wife was pregnant. It was indeed a mess.

We thought he changed. He didn’t.

After his wife forgave him after he begged for mercy, he returned to a seemingly happy home. When my husband gave him a phone and a line for business purposes, our driver also used the line to look for other girls on the internet.

The girl he managed to look for was an ex, who is mother to two kids. She was happy to have sex with him despite him being married. He probably fed her with lies.

We thought he changed. He didn’t.

If a man is unhappy in his home,” my husband said. “Then he will eventually cheat.”

I think this is a cop-ass way to excuse irresponsible behavior.

Cheating is a choice.

And our driver continues to make it. He will probably continue to make the same senseless choices until the day he died.

As his employer, I do not know what to do. In a way, his family is his business. And if he wants to sleep with many women despite having a wife and kids, that’s still his business.

But at the same time, I feel that his character and integrity are a big question mark.

He chose his wife.

Got her pregnant.

Started a family with her.

It is wrong to have an affair and abandon your family.

He has two kids, a boy and a girl. Through his choices, he will destroy his family.

The story of the Rascal is very common in the Philippines. 

Actor and politician Ramon Revilla Sr. has 72 kids. 

When God said, “Go forth and multiply,” Revilla Sr. took the instruction to heart.

The man with many chicks are admired in the Philippines.


To cheat on your wife and have multiple mistress are admirable traits by men in the Philippines. It means you are handsome and very attractive.

It also means you’re a selfish rascal who can’t seem to keep your dong in your pants.

Sigh – life in the Philippines indeed.

It is more fun in the Philippines.

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