Only in Taiwan…

Just something that caught my fancy that I’d like to share…

Eeeew… disgusting, isn’t it?

Whereas people would usually flush used toilet paper down the toilet, throwing used tissue paper on the trash can is a common habit here in Taiwan.

So imagine, after doing your business and wiping your butt, people would usually just throw it on the trashcan lying beside the bowl.

Imagine what sort of bacteria right there… 🙁

I asked my Taiwanese friends why this was a common habit. They said that they do understand that in Western countries, people usually flush it down the toilet. But because the quality of toilet paper bought in Taiwan doesn’t disintegrate easily in water, people here have no choice but to throw it in the waste basket.


I dunno. By habit, I still make it a point to flush used toilet paper… and so far, it hasn’t created any problems.

It’s too disgusting to throw it anywhere else. 🙂

Oh well, just another things you can only see in Taiwan!

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4 thoughts on “Only in Taiwan…

  1. Dear Raven,
    Don’t apply your dizzy girly logic to problems you don’t understand! Most developing Asian countries do this because they don’t have comprehensive water treatment facilities, otherwise next time you are swimming on the beach to celebrate Canada day you might get a mouthful of your toilet paper. How icky would that be?

  2. Hazel, sounds a bit harsh but thanks for enlightening me about this. Seems like my Taiwanese friends gave me the wrong info; they said it was the paper’s problem and never mentioned the water treatment facilities. But then again, should’ve checked it over the Net. My apologies. THanks though for visiting and leaving a comment. Peace! 🙂

  3. this is also done in Korea

    funny thing is, in establishments with toilets where you can flush the toilet paper, they have to put a sign that it is OK to flush the toilet paper down the bowl.

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