A Father’s Love

My uncle is a single parent with an adult daughter.

He was separated from his wife years ago, and has resorted to maintaining a slew of long-term girlfriends. The current girlfriend has been in his life for a decade already.

The sexy and pretty girlfriend is straightforward and hot-tempered. To put it simply, she has a strong personality and wants to be followed all the time. Thankfully, half of the time, she makes sense. Half of the time, the girl seems crazy and unreasonable. She is not beyond destroying household items for example when in a fit.

At first, the daughter was thankful that her dad wasn’t lonely anymore.

There is so much that a daughter can do to offer a father for companionship. Everyone wants to be loved. What’s more, since their ages wasn’t too far away, she was happy to have a sister and protector.

However, as years passed, this fondness turned to bitterness as the girlfriend wanted to become a mother figure and tried to tell the daughter what to do. Right now, after a host of negative experiences, they aren’t close anymore. In fact, they are acrimonious to each other.

Being lonely, my cousin found love online, thankfully, with someone who was dusty blond haired and green eyed.


A cute 20-year old who thankfully has a job and is actually quite attractive. Fortunately, he found her cute too.

The only problem was, he lived in a European country.

So when an invitation came for her to visit him, , my young cousin begged her father for a chance to go. If you are from the Philippines, you will understand that it’s not easy nor cheap to get a Schengen visa.

But after months of begging, the tired father acquiesced. And he himself accompanied his daughter to Europe. And he saw in his eyes how her daughter fell even more deeply in love with the cute European.

The motions have set.

The dude did come for a 2-week visit in Manila.

Talks started for her to move to Europe on a sponsored resident visa.

And they both wanted to try to see if a relationship would work out.

The father cannot do anything to stop it.

Sure, he’s had his share of mistakes.

Maybe it’s the girlfriend so the daughter felt ignored and unheard. Maybe it’s his business that his daughter felt she had no place in Manila. Maybe it’s just the daughter falling in love with a handsome European man.

Regardless, she wanted to leave him and be with her dusty blond boyfriend halfway around the world.

And this is where the father’s love comes in.


IF it was me, I would not give my daughter my blessing nor any financial support to go.

I don’t care if she’s unhappy for the rest of her life, I think she’s making a big mistake by going somewhere halfway around the world, and entrusting herself to someone she knows just by talking over the internet.

Call me crazy but yeah. That’s just me.

If he turns out to be a serial killer or domestic abuser, she does not have the family or financial support to protect herself. She will not be a citizen of that country and will have nowhere to turn to. It’s not like if they live in Manila, even though they are living apart from me, the dude knows that if he fucks her up, we can easily fuck him up, and will then treat her with at least a minimum amount of respect.

But in the European country, she will live with him. If the relationship goes to flames, she will have to find another place to stay. She does not have the same support system as she has back home where she can always just call, and someone WILL be there to somehow protect her. And if she gets pregnant, there is still a family to support her even if the boyfriend leaves.

Alas, she is naive and idealistic and romantic.

And the father loves her.

So despite his better judgment, after her crying and begging him to help her, he supported her getting a visa to live abroad. She is on the final stretch in getting the visa and he cannot do anything to stop her.

I don’t know if she’s making the right choice in moving to Europe. I do not know if my uncle is making the right choice in letting her go. But such is a father’s love for his child.

What about you?

Would you have let her go?

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