Only in the Philippines – The Texts You Get in the Morning

When you work in the Philippines, you’d never know what you’re going to get.

Like yesterday, here is the text exchange between myself and an employee coming in on her first day:

Employee (Text: 8:51am): “Hi Ma’m. Good morning. Ma’m, this should be my first day at work, but Ma’m, may I request that I come to work tomorrow instead? Actually, I was already on my way to work when my sister called me and said she has an emergency at her house. Ma’m, I’m really hoping for your kindest consideration. I don’t mean to postpone my first day of work. Thank you in advance and God bless.”


Me (Text: 8:55am): “I cannot do anything if you decide to go to your sister. But work is work. Your sister’s emergency is hers. I think it’s something she can take care of herself. I don’t think it’s a “real emergency” based on what we discussed on the interview. You have to know your priorities.”

Employee (Text): “Ma’m, I’m really sorry for this. My sister called me up saying that someone almost raped my daughter. It was the husband of my auntie. My daughter went to my aunt’s to bid farewell before school. They wondered why it took her so long. When they went to see her, they saw my uncle touch my daughter. Ma’m I am sorry and I await your consideration.”

Me: “Why would you leave your kid in an environment that there might be a rapist?! If you already know that your uncle is an asshole, why is your kid even there? I think you need to fix your family issues first before starting work.”

Employee (Text): “I’m really sorry. I will fix this issue first before starting work tomorrow.”


This is so fucked up. 🙁

Apparently, the uncle was an unemployed alcoholic with a penchant for little children. And yes, he was left alone in the company of children.

As a child, I was always left alone in the maid but was never touched or raped by a driver or gardener. That’s what good parents do. They leave you in good capable hands.

The above only shows my employee shows poor judgement.

Oh and she was late today, citing it was traffic coming to work. We even rode the same elevator.

I think you can blame the traffic all you want,” I told her point blank. “But I think the problem comes in leaving your house earlier.”

Big sigh.

Not a good sign.

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