Met the Parents – Check

So we’ve met the parents.

Great news: My parents, with the usual apprehensions, overall like him.

Bad news: His parents towards me — not so much.

Hardly surprising though. The least we could expect was that the weekend was no World War 3. However, it’s quite disappointing that his parents would prefer someone who was “simpler” than who their son is dating at the moment.

Never have I been simple, thanks to living independently in three countries over the last decade. When a bird flies out of the coop, you can’t expect it to be as ignorant as it was when it was still trapped in its gilded cage. What’s worse is that it’s tough to complain about a fundamental personality trait. How can you change yourself from being worldly and complicated to being a simple country bumpkin?

Okay, I exaggerate.

They treated me very well, with much care and politeness. However, I will be lying if I told you that they were pushing their son to marry me. If ever, they were telling him twice daily to wait it out and not rush into things, as if we were going to marry the very next month.

Sorry but we have no plans in rushing out the altar. Marriage is a HUGE decision that we must contemplate very carefully. Marriage is for life, and there’s usually a no-return, no exchange policy. Coupled with my MBA plans and his moving back home, it will be 2 years or so before we even take that big of a jump, if in any case we are still with each other.

“Why are relationships so hard?” I asked Trader last night. “I used to be super carefree when I was single. Now I have to worry about many different things.”

“Different phases in life bring different obligations. It is what we need to do,” he answered. “And besides, not even the most ideal couples have a lack of their own sense of issues.”

Relationships are definitely not easy.

However, it’s in a way a blessing just whom we are partnered with. Despite our issues, I still count myself fortunate to at least have him in my side, unruffling my feathers.

I personally have to think hard very I can accept Trader’s slightly prudent financial decisions. He also comes with his family with whom he’s very close to. It’s a buy-one-take-one type of deal.

In return, he has to figure out if he can accept my many idiocyncrasies and outburst. Never have I said I was a best girlfriend – I am not – but at least, I try.

We try, and we make it work.

And I guess, this is what makes relationships work.

That we never give up.

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