Meet the Fockers – We’re all Focked, aren’t we?

Trader and I will meet the parents this weekend.

Boy, is this going to be so much fun! 😀

His mother has grudgingly accepted the invitation though Trader has yet to come back to me on the deets. While my parents are already cautiously asking me not to “take the first offer” and play a little bit more hard to get. They somehow think that just because I’ve never introduced them any guy I’ve previously dated, that I have not dated anybody before Trader!

Ha, if only they knew.

Trader suggests that I do NOT wear sleeveless shirts, wear high heels (WHAT?!) or make-up. Somehow, this will just accentuate that “wild child” impression that his parents have of me.

My mom suggests that Trader wears something very presentable (e.g., no t-shirt, jeans and sports shoes), bring something nice for my parents and pay for the dinner.

Sigh, we’re not getting married la. Everyone seems to be more nervous about the encounter than me. Personally, I think that in the Filipino-Chinese culture where I belong, meeting the parents merely come at the first stage when you’re stably dating. Of course, he’ll meet your parents when he picks you up on a date, right?

The Filipino-Chinese culture though more traditional than the Western culture does not really take “meeting the parents” too heavily. You do not really introduce the guy you’re dating only after you’re sure you’re going to get married. You usually do this earlier on in the relationship when this is stable.

I think this is because Filipino-Chinese families are just nosier and want to meddle on their children’s lives. Hence, they want to have a say on who you date, and want to “approve” your choice because it makes them feel important.

For example, even though I don’t really care if my parents approve of Trader or not (e.g., it doesn’t weigh too heavily on my decision anyway), I still need to make a show of getting their approval as a sign of respect and my obligation of a good daughter. It’ll make my life a lot easier if my parents don’t make too much of a fuss if I go out with Trader. However, at the end of the day, it’s not my parents who will be with Trader, but it’s actually my decision.

Anyway, it’s going to be exciting.

From the moment I arrive, I’d have to stay as sweet as syrup to my dad so that Sunday wouldn’t go off like World War 3. Trader has to get back to me on the details as the meeting is tomorrow. It slightly irritates me when people cannot confirm meetings until the very last minute.


So last day of work. Kung hei fa cai everyone! Happy Chinese New Year!


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  1. j.xu says:

    Gosh! How did it goo :). I’m so excited for you ^^

  2. bonita says:

    Already posted an update Jxu! Good and bad. Oh well!

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