My mom gave my dad everything.

She gave him the drumstick, the best part of a chicken. She manages his financea. She peeled his crabs and made these irritating things ready to eat. My dad never kept a phone book after meeting my mom. She called all his friends for him.

Regardless, he never really appreciated her and rook her for granted. He treated her as if all her kindness was well deserved.

I realize that traditional women try to earn a man’s love by serving him and giving her everything she has.

However I think that this is better earned by getting his respect.

I don’t really listen to Trader all the time but he loves me anyway. Likewise I have a problem submitting and because I love him, try to find a happy compromise of listening to him and still keepin my own voice.

Bowing to a man’s feet is not a solution to getting his love. The best we can do is just be the best person we can be while the guy deserving of us will take us who we are. Just as we take them for who they are.

To add, here’s a disgusting photo of my tub after I showered. Yicky huh?

That’s what happens when you don’t wash your hair for three days after dying it. Ah, the hassle we go through in pursuit of beauty!

Have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Martyrdom

  1. “Likewise I have a problem submitting and because I love him…”

    You would be happier if you submitted.

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