My parents are here for two weekends and have just spent the last couple of days with them in Shenzhen.

So far, it’s surprisingly been such a blast and no wonder. We spent the last two days checking out the Windows of the World and the Chinese Cultural Park along with an hour-long massage (RMB35 per hour — so cheap!), an hour-long foot massage (RMB30) and a pedicure (RMB20).


Yes sir, that’s a weekend of all of this! Talk about a weekend of pampering!

Shenzhen is so accessible from Hong Kong. All you have to do is take the MTR to Lo Wu (end of the blue line), cross the border and waaaalaaaa! You’re already in China with the spitting mails, the smoking females and mismatched fashions! Check out the smoking spice girls walking in the street — turn-off!


Admittedly, I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw in China. For example, despite having a mere two lines, their MTR station is better and cleaner than Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s. Their theme parks were also huge!

For example, the World of Wonder was really pretty cool — even I was impressed. Long story short, World of Wonder is a theme park that features replicas of all the famous world landmarks. Some of these landmarks were so well-made that I couldn’t help but take gazillion of photos. Even the Eiffel Tower was GIGANTIC!


A bit tired given the busy weekend and still have work tomorrow so here are some of the photos for everyone’s enjoyment. Have a great week ahead!

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