How do you know if he/she is the One?

Answering the question, “How do you know if he/she is the One?” my mom has her words of wisdom to share:

“As you always asked mom – how would I know if the guy is meant for me or not? Well, let me put it this way, he should be the one who can share your life; whom you don’t have to review what you got to say before you say it; and who can share your secrets, your love, your anger, your care, your worries and your problem.

He should be able to lend you his shoulder for you to voice out all your complains and worries.

Someone who has the time and patience to share every moment of your life.

Someone whom you would be very eager to share your happenings at the end of the day. That’s how you know if the guy is meant for you or not.”

My friends had been incessantly teasing me about my upcoming wedding. “When’s the wedding between you and Trader?” they’d jokingly ask. My friend said that he’ll be visiting Trader in Singapore and does he want me to bring Trader a diamond ring?

To those with significant others, is this NORMAL?

That once you have a significant other, people start their wedding jokes? And when you get married, people start with you on the when-are-you-having-junior puns? I wonder if people will start with the divorced jokes after some years of wedding bliss?


Anyway, Trader thinks I’m the One.


“You just know” is his answer which for the more practical, analytical me, I always ask him for more details.

 Maybe I’m just fishing for more compliments.

I find myself wanting more attention and affirmation from my man, which is something new for me.

Am quite surprised that the guy has yet to run fast away.

If you ask me however if he’s the One, I shrug.

How can you really just know?

My friend however, gives me the stark reality, “Can you really imagine just having sex with him – just one guy for the rest of your life?”

Okay, I do have a few crude friends.

However, following what my mom says, I do look forward to talking to Trader.

The sparkle of my 10-day trip in Turkey dimmed a bit because I didn’t really get to talk to Trader on a daily basis. Blame it on our honeymoon period but in the end, we couldn’t help ourselves and called each other 3 times during the trip, costing us around HKD800 each (for roaming charges, telcos charge us around freaking HKD23 a minute!).

Trader tells me it’s hard for him not to talk to me in a daily basis now because we’ve made it our (un)healthy habit. I’m usually in a fouler mood when I don’t get to talk to him which happens because my parents are visiting. We’re starting to talk about the possibility of a future together and how it could work (actually, come to think of it, it can work very well).

So I cannot really as affirmatively say that he’s the One. Not that I don’t think he’s not, but I just don’t operate that way.

However, I can positively say that the man makes me happy and I love him.

He changes me in many ways that I find myself doing a lot of things uncharacteristic of me.

My day is complete with him around.

So at the risk of me eating my words if things don’t work out if that doesn’t make him the One, then I don’t know what else.

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