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Why my boyfriend freaks guys out

My guy friends cannot believe what Trader does for me. They think it’s an abonination the lengths that Trader does to show how much he loves me, and how important I am to him. “I don’t prescribe to long-distance relationships,” … Continue reading

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Oh Your Cheating Heart

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been caught multiple times with his pants down cheating on his wife. Actually, his vagrant exploits is published all around the Internet. You just cannot help but feel a tad sorry for his soon-to-be-divorced … Continue reading

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Our first lil’ tiff

“Why do I have a feeling that I’m in big trouble…?” Trader emailed me this morning. “Hmmm… because for a guy, you’re quite perceptive and observant?” I answered back. “I wouldn’t really say you’re in BIG trouble, but I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Happy – yet Rambles

In Chinese, there’s a saying, “Nansheng bu huai, nu sheng bu ai.” (A girl can only love a bad boy). The fact that such saying exists shows that there’s some truth to it. As you can well see on past … Continue reading

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Hectic busy

Have been swamped with work, and boyfriend takes up most of my evenings. Given that it’s a long-distance relationship, we spend hours on the phone to keep connected. It’s tough, we miss each other like crazy but that’s what you … Continue reading

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When you have that gnawing feeling…

It’s a gnawing feeling. It burns deep inside. You look at his/her eyes, and wonder to yourself, “Is he/she really the One for me? How come I am not sure?” You ask your friend on how he’s so happy with … Continue reading

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Lost Boys

It amazes me that age has limited correlation to maturity. No matter how competent or professional a guy may seem at work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in a right place or time to pursue a woman for a stable … Continue reading

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How am I these days?

Apologies for the lack of updates. Unfortunately, May and June are just hell months at work, and given that I’ve started dating Trader, evenings are now reverted to my time with him with us talking in the phone for hours. … Continue reading

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