The Art of Successful Pickups

Today I met someone who I knew would be very good in picking up women. He made an impression on me and for all jilted men out there who thinks that picking up a woman is difficult, this is for you.

Women are just so predictable,” he said. “It’s not that difficult to get someone in bed.”

I laughed on cue. This was the time that you had to laugh even though you knew that it was true.

Look Bonita,” he started. “All you need to do is start a conversation with them in a bar. Just give them enough to leave an impression and for them to differentiate you from all the wankers (his word for bankers) who are dying to get them out as well.”

What do you say that makes you so effective?” I then asked.

Talk about themselves, their job, whatever,” he replied. “But just get the conversation going and be confident. Don’t hold anything back.”

“Then, just talk to them and feel them,” he continued. “If you feel that you’re going to get lucky, just ask them to go home with you three times.”

Three times?” I asked.

Yes, three,” he replied while nodding his head. “The first time will be most likely a no. She’ll go like, ‘Naah, not tonight.’ Then continue talking to her and ask the second time in a little while. By then, she’ll reply, “Hmmm… ummm… well, maybe.’ So in a span of the same night, she will go from ‘No’ to ‘Maybe’ and it’s at that time when you start getting that feeling that you’re not going home tonight.”

“Then, you ask the third time after she’s laughed with a few of her jokes,” he summarizes. “If she wants to go home with you, she’ll say yes around that point. And if she says nay, then just get her number and followup. You move on to the next conquest for the night as you ain’t getting any for that evening.”

“So are you saying that getting a girl in bed is just a matter of following up?” I inquired, “So long as you’re decent, attractive enough, etc.?”

“Exactly,” he said with a laugh. “And followup is important. If you don’t raise any red flags, chances are, you’ll get her by the third date.”

“Third date… oh so with finality,”

“Yes, third date,” he answered. “All you have to do is invite her out for drinks on the first date at around 6-ish and of course the woman hasn’t had dinner yet so you ask her for dinner. Do it three times or so and within the three dates or so, it should be a home run.”

I observed this man standing in front of me. Guys would find him cock. I think he tells the truth.

Actually, picking up women is not rocket science my friend. So long as you do the right tricks and say the right things, then it’s really not that hard.

If for example you come up to a babe and slobbery tell her with your alcohol laden breath that she’s totally hot, then she won’t be as bimbotic as to even give you a time of day.

However, if you’re being quite rational and decent and just act with confidence (dude, it’s all about the confidence) and followup enough, then daresay, you should be able to get that number and the girl.

Look, don’t think too much. How do you know if any girl is worth shit unless you spend enough time with her?” the man asked. “You just don’t know. That’s the reason why you ask a girl out. To find out if she’s worth anything.”

My acquaintance reminds me of adorable Luney. He shares the same accent and air, and for some reason can get all the women when all their mates cannot. Houston, we found another star.

I briefly reflected then to what women can do to protect ourselves from men like my friend. Basically, what he says is true. Just do the right things with an air and if you don’t get the girl after asking her three times in a bar, you’d probably get the girl if you followed up with a date afterwards when you’re entertaining and sober.

Sad but true.

Whether or not you want the girl, you can just figure it out afterwards. But the mission is, just to get in a girl’s door.

We then talked about issues common to 30-year olds everywhere — why are they still single?

Look, a lot of these 30-ish women think that they’re God’s gift to men but if you looked at them, hell no if you want to bang them,” he replied.

It’s true — when we are being picky, sometimes we have to shake ourselves away from our slumber and ask ourselves whether or not we have the goods to be picky.

It’s hilarious actually,” he continued. “Some women have standards of those of world-reknowned top models, but you know that they’re nowhere as hot or as interesting.”

“Yes,” I begrudgingly admitted. “Women can sometimes be like that. We want to be picky and complain that we cannot find the right men when actually, it’s just that we ourselves have too high an expectations. If we lowered our expectations a little bit, chances are, we’ll be a lot happier.”

“Especially bankers or lawyers who have their heads high up in the air,” my friend said. “They act as if they’re God’s gift to men, when actually they’re not even God’s giflt.”

Guilty as charged, my friends. To what reason can I actually afford to be picky if I myself ain’t worth the price. It’s quite a humbling experience coming from a guy’s point of you.

Still most likely won’t date guys who know the game too much. Met a guy last week who wore his heart on his sleeve too much, but I’d rather take him than this guy any day. There is a sense of intriguing innocence with a guy who’s not that jaded. Sometimes, boring can be beautiful.

Anyway, here’s my piece to share and for you to enjoy. So men, if you meet someone you like, just ask her out. Remember, dating is a numbers game so keep on having that guts and ask her!

Who knows, you may just get lucky. 😀

Enjoy the rest of your great weekend and you’re welcome!

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Successful Pickups

  1. Hehehe, I’d call those who start with the intention of getting the woman to go home with them jerks, and probably having that atrociously agressive personality that makes me feel like fighting a war whenever I’m near them.

    Still, everything that he said is 100% true. The “rules” (lol) of the game remain the same no matter what you intend, and it really isn’t rocket science.

  2. Hah, I totally agree with DS~ the rules aka basic rules of life will always remain the same.. although some people think otherwise..

    .. for example~ feministic chicks.. they all yell that they can pay their own bills~ of course you can girl, no doubt about that!! but come on, your heart will make a jump, when there’s a guy who you’re totally in too, pays for the bill~ your heart will melt all over the place xD.. just admit it ;)..

    .. these are one of the unwritten rules~ chicks like to be protected, feel that they are cared about etc (no matter how feministic you are)..

    .. but ok, back on topic x)… I agree with what you’ve written about this Bonita, but I would like to add one side note to it..

    .. although a guy plays by the rules~ he’s doing everything right, but…

    ~ you just don’t feel him. this may sound a bit spiritual, but his energy doesn’t fit yours. that’s what I’ve noticed. a lot of guys can make you feel like a queen~ charms you to the max… but you ain’t feeling him … have you ever felt that??…

    .. I met a few people and they were really great peeps.. when I chat with them, I doze a bit off and think ” gosh, you’re a good guy.. doing everything by the book.. you make me laugh at the right times and seems interested by the questions your asking and for sure~ girls will dig you… but why am I not feeling it??”

    .. so, although a guy plays by the book~ he will have hits for 99% of the time.. till he encounters a chick who holds up her hand in front of his face xD.. NO-GO!!! ..

    .. have a nice sunday!!! ..

  3. DS and JXu, thanks for leaving a comment once again. I always smile when I hear from you.

    Well, he wins and loses. It’s a number’s game. Am not really the victim but heck, if it works, then who can blame him? Is he a jerk? Well, yes. But are we women stupid to fall for it? Hell yeah!

  4. he’s single cos he’s trapped in a cycle of satiating his insecurity by banging women that are easy to him … lol…

    he probably secretly want’s a lawyer or banker lol

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