Is he?

When a guy doesn’t SMS or call you back, then surely the signs are clear — he’s not that interested anymore. Disappointing, I know. 🙁

However, what’s funny about life is that when God closes a door, he opens up a window.

This week brought an interesting episode where I’ve encountered old friends from the past. It was a glorious outing and we had a blast.

Nonetheless, his actions of late had made me wonder. And though I hate to presume anything, it does make me wonder — shall I think that this particular friend is interested?

Of course, blame it on this dense woman to not get it. 🙂

Well, for one, the first thought would be… “Naaaaah.”

And then, the second thought was, “Hey, wait a minute….”

My friend tells me he misses Hongkong and moments here. He’s had such a blast when he visited that he is seriously thinking of moving or finding a way to visit here often.

A few days later, he calls long distance just to say hi.

Then, he asks me questions even the most aspiring of suitors don’t really care to ask. Instead of asking me more about myself (remember those old IM days of name, sex and location), he asks me questions as if he really wants to know about what type of person I am, and how I think about life itself.

Shall I read more to it?

In a way, it’s quite liberating — most guys would only want to chat you up in the hopes of getting the riper fruit. Hence, in a way, they sound as if they’re interested in you but actually, they cannot help if you can hurry up the food so you can reach to the end of the goodnight kiss.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been asked self-reflective questions such as, “What do you think about life? Where do you think your life is going? What are your goals?”

These are questions that he himself asks, yet at the same time, encourages me to ask similar questions of my own.

Nonetheless, to hell with guessing whether or not he’s interested.

The truth will reveal itself in time. 🙂

Till then, we shall see. Maybe it’s one of those usual false alarms once again.

Have a great week everyone!

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