Breaking News: Homeless Bonita…

by January 2010.

Oh my gosh, as if things cannot get any worse. My landlord sold my apartment without even consulting me!

I accidentally bumped into the brand-new owner today in the elevators. “My parents bought it for me because I wanted to move out and they’d rather have me upstairs (they lived on the 3rd floor). Can I see it?”

And of course, I had no choice but to show my apartment to a total stranger. Funny thing is, they never saw the apartment and the family signed the stupid contract. “My parents figured it’s the same size as our apartment so it wouldn’t really make that much of a difference.” Now, who signs a contract without even looking at the goods?!

Sure enough, she was impressed by what she saw. If I can see into her head, I can imagine herself exclaiming, “OH MY FREAKING GOOOOOOD! I AM SOOOOOO LUCKY!!! THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING PLACE. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.”

Sigh, that’s what happens when you rent a place on the 18th floor with a spectacular seaview. As in amazing, I tell you. Just fucking amazing. It bites you in the butt and you find your place being sold off to a stranger from the 3rd floor. 🙁

I didn’t even dare close the lights because she might faint and I’d have to carry her out.

Not that I’d like to vent but I am clearly upset. Immediately, I messaged my parents about this issue. As I’ve moved in with 21 freaking boxes, it’s indeed a hassle to be finding another place and moving out. Of course, not only does this take a lot of effort but also the pain of just being homeless is just beneath me.

HKD2 million isn’t really that much mom,” I said. “To tell you the truth, I like it here and hate moving.”

My parents consoled me by saying it was bad enough for the landlord to sell my apartment without even consulting me first, although they couldn’t really kick me out within the time of my contract (she could move in on January 2010). However, it’s best to trust in God.

Call broker for a better buy,” they advised. “Remember GOD LEAD THE WAY and He will never go wrong. Maybe you can get to move net year for your MBA anyway. Just make the best of everything. Okay lang, don’t say that it’s a pity. Just take it easily and trust that the right path will open up for you.”

Since when did they get so religious and philosophical?

Aiya, what can I do? The ink is to dry and after seeing my beautiful apartment, even if they’ve had issues before, the new owners would definitely get it.

Sorry about this, as you can see, it’s not been a great few days for me (doh). At the very least, I can take it that even though it’s a total shocker, things work out in the end. At least, I can still prepare on what I need to do in January 2010.

And heck, maybe the MBA, which my family would fully support, would be a good idea after all. Let’s see lo. Do pray for me and hope that I’d get better with this!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Homeless Bonita…

  1. Whaaaa! Have you seen any papers, official stuff, anything like that? As I read your post, my first thought was “is that one some kind of swindler”?
    Isn’t there some kind of minimum contract severance time (January 2010?) at least?

    That’s pretty upsetting…

  2. I can still stay in my apartment till December 31. However, the knowledge that I have to move bothers me quite a bit! Everything is legal and they can’t kick me out before the contract, BUT don’t like the hassle of moving again…

    Hope all is well! Enjoy your weekend DS!

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