Q: So why are you still single?
A: Because most of the guys think I’m too tall…

Q: (shocked) You’re not THAT tall! How tall are you?
A: 166 cms?
Q: That’s just the average for women ya…
A: Have you ever seen how tall guys here in general (excluding the guilos)?!

Q: Maybe it’s because you’re too intimidating?
A: What me? I’m such a pussy. How can I be intimidating? I can be really really sweet…

Q: You should trust men more. Like, when I asked you about your salary, you didn’t even give me a straight answer. Why not tell us straight?
A: Because it’s rude to ask about the salary! Nothing about being trusting or not.

Q: So how do you like HK?
A: (In my mind) I am freaking miserable. My rent is freaking expensive. I don’t have friends. People here are too practical. My boss got fired as soon as I got here. My work is demanding, there are no bonuses this year, and heck, I don’t even know if I can keep my job.
A-Part II (what I actually say): Oh, it’s great. Hong Kong is fast-paced and work is super challenging but hey, you have to grow up. It’s hard to be in Taiwan for so long.

Q: So do you regret coming to Hong Kong?
A: I love and miss Taiwan. I love the xiao cai (snacks) and cheap things. I love that I can walk 6 minutes from my apartment to my workplace and not pay a King’s ransom. I like the nightscene and that I can walk home from Room 18. I like the Mojitos from Barcode and the omelettes from the Diner. I miss my friends, my colleague, my previous boss. But do I regret coming to Hong Kong, well, hell no.

Q: Why not?
A: Because though am still settling in, Taiwan for me was a no-growth area. I’ve already reached the peak of my potential and it’s all a plateau from there. If I’ve stayed, I could not have changed. I wouldn’t have grown. At this point, though it’s very very tough, change is good. That’s how you become a better person.

Q: So what type of guy are you looking for?
A: Someone decent, stable and doesn’t leave me as soon as he gets me.

Q: Why do you think you keep on bumping on the same type of guys?
A: How would I know? Think it’s a pattern. The next time I bump into an interested guy with a name starting with “M,” I’d be screaming my lungs out and running away. Maybe then I won’t repeat my pattern.

Q: Maybe it’s because you are intimidating?
A: Can we please move on to the next question? I promise I won’t bite, but this is a super gas-gas (tiring) question. Seriously.

Q: Morning or evening person?
A: Ummm… do you ever see me blog in the morning? That’s because am still fast asleep!

Q: What’s your greatest challenge in Hong Kong?
A: Waking up at 6:30 am in the morning.

Q: What’s your second greatest challenge in Hong Kong?
A: Being able to afford my rent.

Q: Ha. Ha. What’s your third greatest challenge in Hong Kong?
A: Actually finding out what my boss wants and delivering the best output at work.

Q: Why don’t you get Cable TV at home?
A: Well, before it was because I didn’t agree that I’d have to promise to pay 18 months worth of cable that I cannot even watch. Now, it’s because my apartment is getting sold and I’d have to move out by January 2010.

Q: So what attracts you to a guy?
A: If they didn’t see me as a piece of meat (perverts!) as soon as they saw me and actually saw me as someone with some intelligence and personality.
A2: That’s usually the case when they pursue you, but after they get you, they candidly admit that they’ve wanted you ever since they saw you!

Q: Do you like to sleep naked?
A: Ano?! (What?!).
A2: Who wouldn’t?

Q: What irritates you most about Hong Kong?
A: Extremely rude taxi drivers and the get-as-you-pay policy.

Q: How do you like to be pampered?
A: Massage please. With oil. Not at home so no need to clean up.

Q: Most hateful household chore?
A: Laundry.

Go ahead. Ask some questions if you wish, and will try to answer as I candidly did above.

Sorry, but too tired to blog about anything interesting… night!

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