Leaving on a Jetplane

21 boxes of boxes — that’s what it took to pack a whole lot of memories in these six years.

In a few hours, I’ll be leaving Taiwan. Sayonara, cai jian, bye bye baby.

Last night, I had a relaxing farewell dinner with colleagues at People and then caught up for some drinks with a few close friends.

The ambience was intimate, peaceful. Have always thought that when I leave Taiwan for good, it wouldn’t be with a bang. Six years later, I’m probably one of the last people to leave this Formosan island, and as expected, nobody would see me off the airport, no crying or huge drama.

Just the way I liked and predicted.

But then again, I never thought my departure would be like this — smooth and with a heart ready for the next chapter. Instead of kicking and screaming, am being sent to Taiwan in a Mercedes Benz with an open invitation to return.

Which is probably why my leaving doesn’t come with a heavy heart. It’s not goodbye, really.

My closest friends have an open invitation to come and visit Hong Kong whenever they can, and the invitation is reciprocal. Their doors are open whenever I need it. I also don’t think I’ll ever leave Taiwan entirely.

So this isn’t goodbye — it’s see you later.

And I will reveal myself in my new destination very very soon. Watch out for it!

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One thought on “Leaving on a Jetplane

  1. Hmmm. Missed this one. Good on you!

    It’s not the time I would pick for moving to a new office (I assume that’s the case) in a new country, but if you’re being moved it’s for a reason. Said reason should keep you employed through this downturn.

    Saw a rain jacket the other day on a guy riding a scooter. On the back was emblazoned “BONITA – Since 1996”. I laughed out loud, though it claims to be well before you came here or started using that particular pseudonym.

    In a strange way I hope that you miss Taiwan. It has grown on me in both good and bad ways, but mostly good. For all its many flaws, there is much that is good in this little non-nation. Besides, you do still have many friends here. They will not forget you. I can think of many names.

    Yet at this stage moving into a new position is the best thing. I know it’s something I did a couple of times right around your age, and they were some of the best moves of my life. I admit that I missed Taiwan and so came back, but they are valuable all the same.

    Bon voyage. You will do very well.

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