How can you tell if someone’s lying?

The wonders of a lie is that it’s usually not perfectly thought of…

That means, when a question was asked, the lie was blurted without much thought whatsoever. What’s more, if other fellow liars are involved, there is not a lot of discussion involved aside from answering the question.

This makes it easier to catch people in a lie.


By asking increasingly detailed questions over and over.

For example, my staff will usually tell me that she was sick, that’s why she didn’t come to work.

What’s your sickness?” I would ask.

I had a tummy ache and was vomiting,” she answered. “I had diarrhea.”

What time did you have your tummy ache?” I asked. “Tell me the sequence of events on how it lead to the tummy ache and diarrhea.”

She will answer it was after she ate bad food. Then I would ask her if she went to see a doctor.

If she said she did see a doctor, I will ask her the name of the doctor and to which hospital she actually visited.

Once I get the name of the hospital, I will ask for the clinic number and what the doctor prescribed.

I will ask for a medical certificate or prescription if she visited, evidence that she should have if my staff really visited the doctor.

If she didn’t see a doctor, I would ask why not especially since her sickness was serious enough for her to miss work.

I will ask many questions and go over her answers over and over until I get to the bottom of it.

Remember, people who tell the truth can justify every single detail of the story. People who lie cannot and make up the lie as they go along. It is in this making up phase that you can catch them give inconsistent answers and unreasonable logic.

This is how you catch a liar.


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