If Finding a Boyfriend is like Buying a PC…

…then I’m royally screwed. πŸ™

As you already know, I need to upgrade to a new laptop because 1) mine is 4 years old and it’s time for a change, and 2) unfortunately, I have to make the change fast because it has less than 1 GB of hard disk left (even worse than the Asus EEE PC!).

Hence, last Saturday, I already went around Nova sniffing around for my target. In the end, the choices boiled down to a value-packed ugly-looking Asus laptop, and the beautiful Macbook which I don’t know how to use but every Mac-user friend of mine is telling me to get.

As matters are getting worse at home with my MSN hanging up for over 10 minutes a use, I was in dire need for a change. Thus, I invited CW to go laptop shopping with me, grateful for the male perspective in buying computers.

I was expecting to get in there, buy the stupid thing and then get out, all before dinner time.

Boy, was I wrong.

Instead, we went around Guang Hua San Chang and Nova till closing time at 10:00 pm, and even then, have yet to decide which PC to buy! In the end, I was also confused by the myriad of choices I need to make!

Phew, makes me feel the same about dating in Taipei!

How is buying a PC and dating similar? Let’s count the ways:

1) Like dating, we first start with a basic list of specifications

In the beginning, CW was still pretty patient with me.

You have to know what you want, Raven,” chided CW. “That way, you’ll know exactly what type of computer you want to buy.”

Well, mobility for me is important in a laptop. Even though I don’t really bring my notebook everywhere, I’d like the option of carrying it around when necessary,” I responded. “So I prefer a notebook that weighs less than 2 kg.

“What’s more, I think a decent processor, at least 2 MB of hard drive and around 200-250 GB of hard disk is a necessity, mainly because I often use my notebooks for around 4 years, and you’d never know what sort of activities your laptop would be performing then,” I continued.

If you don’t really do any video or picture editing,” CW advised. “Then you shouldn’t really care about the processor. Core Duo, or Core 2 Duo… it’s around the same as what you want.”

2) And with this list, off you go to the dating world, finding the right model for you…

So off we went around the electronic stores, asking for models and prices.

I had a good idea that I wanted either an Asustek computer so basically targeted those, but after talking to my colleagues this morning who heavily recommended the Sony VAIO, I targeted those stores as well.

What’s funny though is that like dating, buying PCs start off with a specific list of specifications, and then totally end up with another choice.

Ever had those moments where you list down your ideal woman/man, then end up with someone the complete opposite?

Basically, I started out already with my mind made up in purchasing the reliable and inexpensive Asustek F9 when suddenly, disaster struck…

Ooooh, look at that,” I gushed as I laid my eyes on these babies. “Aren’t they a beauty?”

Which brings us to the third similarity between dating and PC buying…

3) Then suddenly, you fall in love with just the complete opposite.

Buying a PC or finding a boyfriend can be an adventure sometimes. You think you’ll end up with a particular type, when suddenly, you lay eyes on something else and you fall in love with something different altogether.

Okay call me superficial, but when I saw these colorful beauties, I was a goner:

The VAIO CR colored series which features the Intel T8100 processor, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB SATA hard drive, 802.11 n, and weighs… whoops, 2.5 kilograms, a bit over my qualifications of 2.0 kg max.

Sure, it was a bit pricier than my original budget of NT$32,000, but heck, once I laid my eyes on them, I was in love. I wanted one, heavy or not…!

But don’t you want ultra-mobile laptops?” reminded CW. “Why are you even considering a 14.1 inch screen and a weight over 2.5 kg. Remember that it will even be heavier with the battery!”

“Look CW, it’s sooooooo beautiful,” I said almost swooning. “It makes you look good just by using it.”

Me likey.

Yes, but you’re also paying a NT$6,000 premium for it compared to buying an Asustek PC,” CW reminds me again. “You know that you’re paying that much money for style and prestige.”

“But if you’re already spending NT$30,000 for a laptop,” I thoughtfully said, “What’s the difference in paying a few more thousand extra for something you really want and desire?”

No matter what you say, looks do matter.

How attracted you are to the person is a big part of your decision making. It’s true what one friend told me, “People fall in love, and then rationalize their decision.”

Asustek PCs remind me of guys who I know are good for me and who worships the ground I walk on. They are practical choices, and I know that they won’t really break my heart. It doesn’t cost too much heart-ache to get into a relationship with them.

However, the Sony VAIO hurts your pockets. Guys that look that good for example, come at a price and they’re not cheap. Despite that, we desire them because we feel good when we use these stylish products. Who wouldn’t want an arm candy in their hand?

I think that despite the same level of performance, at the very least, there is something about the Sony VAIO that elicits a deep desire in you. Because it’s so beautiful, you just want to use it.

Now I know how my brother feels about his business partner who has a total crush on him. Sure she is great to help him in his business and that she’ll make a great mom, but heck, you’d also want to be with someone you desire.

Now, isn’t that worthy of desire?

Attraction is indeed an important part of our decision process. I was almost dead set in buying the Asus F9 this morning, but after looking/dating around, you fall in love with something completely different than what you expect.

4) Many decisions are irrational, but we decide to choose it anyway.

And after we decide, we then rationalize our decision. How many times we choose to date someone and then rationalize the reasons why.

For example, in the case of this PC buying experience, I’d say that as I was already willing to pitch in NT$30,000 for a laptop, what’s a few bucks more if it was for something I really want?

Anyway, equating finding a boyfriend to buying a PC seems like a long-shot, but in a way, there are a few similarities. For example, I realized that I hated being forced into a decision. Instead, I prefer that a guy lets me decide on my own sweet time.

Hence, when the sales guys at Nova were giving me pressure, I felt uncomfortable. When they were giving me their more insincere sales talk, I felt I didn’t trust them too much, and wanted to get out of there. It brings me back to times when a guy would force himself onto me, be ultra-touchy feely or try to speed up the dating process by asking me up his room.

I hate that. Instead, I’d rather a salesperson to tell me how good his PC was, and then let me make the decision by myself.

Second, I liked going around the shops and asking whether there are more options out there. Call it my dad’s training, but if I’m investing a lot of time and moolah in a product, I better make sure that I get the best price and specs for it. Never take the first offer, because chances are, it’s not the best one.

Which brings back memories of my first boyfriend, Michan.

Sure, it was great while it lasted, but I sure am glad we didn’t permanently ended up together. Knowing what I know now, there are many fishes in the sea with one getting better than the next (maybe more as a result of being choosier), so I knew that life with him if I took his first offer, would’ve sucked big time. If my predictions are correct, I would be the breadwinner of the family, and life would’ve been terrible.

So am glad I still had the time to shop around and find the right One. πŸ™‚

Next, the adventure of finding the right PC for you makes the experience all the more rewarding. When you actually find the right notebook, you are grateful to have it as you’ve already invested some of yourself in finding the right match.

From the time I took on the journey of finding the laptop, to almost making the decision (okay, so am decisive… I decided to sleep it over before making the ultimate choice), it’s been an interesting experience. I learned what are the best processors there were, what type of things I valued or didn’t value in a computer, and etc.

Same goes with dating… as you encounter more and more men, you realize what are the things that are more important to you (deal breakers) and which you can just ignore.

You discover how much you’re willing to pay/sacrifice in owning a computer, and learn that sometimes, what you initially know about the person may change as you spend time in observing that person.

Lastly, I always believe that there’s an element of fate in everything.

I’m sleeping this decision over. Of course, there’s no rush in purchasing one so fast, yes?

However, if I still continue to dream about the VAIO CR, then I know that this is the right PC for me. Then I know it just won’t be an impulse decision. πŸ™‚

So anyway, been spending a lot of moolah lately and kinda feel bad about that. However, just so happens that my PC needs a huge upgrade, so heck, why not? Life is too short to put all the money in the bank. If there’s a need, why not indulge a bit?

Okay, I’ll shower now and sleep on my decision. My friend CW is already crazy about my indecisiveness in making a final choice but glad that he’s trying his darnest to be patient and understanding.

Hope I make the right purchase! And sure, it was a long-shot comparing boyfriends to PCs, but hopefully, when I’ve had enough sleep, it would somehow make sense.

Otherwise, just blame the blabbering on exhaustion and will try to make more coherent sentences next time. Night night!

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3 thoughts on “If Finding a Boyfriend is like Buying a PC…

  1. Hi,

    Came across your blog coz I was googling brunch places in Taipei (Very handy btw, found what I was looking for =)

    Then read this posting (Which also applies to finding gf’s btw =P ) and found it hilarious and TRUE!

    Call me a fan =)

  2. Thanks Eya! Now my friends are telling me to buy a ThinkPad or Macbook. Arrrgh, decisions! But you’re right, gotta keep eyes to the goal. VAIO rocks!

    Thanks Brian, let me know if you need any dining tips! πŸ™‚

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