5-Minute Best Friend

Is it just me but do you usually know if that person will be your good friend in just a 5 to 10 minute conversation?

People call it chemistry. I call it fate.

Today, I’ve had dinner with a corporate contact of mine with whom I seem to share much in common with.

From the moment we talked on the phone, we simply clicked.

Believe it or not,” she said, “I usually don’t go out with strangers. Couldn’t be bothered. But from the moment I talked to you, I knew there were something there. I knew that I would have fun if I went out with you.”

The funny thing about me is that a lot of people say this about me.

I’ve had numerous dinners where we started of as strangers, and the other person sees me as a good friend afterwards. Must be the authentic Filipino friendliness.

However, this woman was a bit different.

I actually enjoyed her company and felt that we shared a lot of things in common. She had the right values system, had a good head on her shoulders and simply, I simply got her.

I believe she also feels the same.

What I can say is though, most of my best friends, I knew from the moment I talked to them that we would hit it off.

Most people think that I’m friendly to almost everybody, but a lot of people may mistake my politeness to a genuine like to the other person.

Take for example my best friend Mike.

When we first met, we talked for 5 hours straight.

With my girl best friend MS, it was also the same. Sure it also helped that we coincidentally went to the same church, but with all my other close friends, the first conversation I had with them lasted for hours.

CW for example, I talked to in a house party, and we even continued our conversation at Barcode, regardless on how loud it was.

A lot of people need a lot of time to get comfortable with a person.

Usually, it takes me around 5-10 minutes and I’d know.

What I’m particularly excited about is another corporate contact of mine. He’s been with his company for awhile, and before, there was another woman who was our contact window between him and my company. However, one day, the woman left her job and I had to call him directly.

My gosh, we talked for half an hour straight without stopping. It was just as if the song just kept on going and going. Now, call me silly but talking straight at work is more of a luxury than a necessity, but it was such a great conversation.

That evening, he added me in Facebook. And that was that.

I think it’s possible to develop a great friendship with this person. There is that chemistry. But we shall see, guy-girl professional friendships are a bit tricky, so time will tell when anything would develop.

Regardless, I stand by my word.

I don’t think you need to waste hours and days or years to find out whether these are people who you’ll be friends with for awhile. I don’t really take that long. One dinner, one evening and I knew whether I’m still going to be in touch with this person for months to come.

So far, have been lucky to have encountered a few of these gems.

Chemistry in friendship — they really do exist. 🙂

And time will tell whether my theory is right or not.

Okay, showering! Hope everybody has a great week!

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One thought on “5-Minute Best Friend

  1. Very intresting how you write about that, I’ve also had sme experiences a few times an all of thos people are myx best friends today. It really is strange how yyoiu can tallk to and have tremendous fun with most civilized amd nice oeople yet those “best” connections are those that we know at first glance. Lacking a propr explanation, I attribut it to psionics…


    p.s. excuse me for the horrible typing, i’ve Been stung by a wasp in a finger yesterday and while Io a, not allergic, it has zwollen terribly and i can only type with my left hand! It’s fun in some weird way… dyliesxia haev I oloilol!!!!$2″

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