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My life should be changing once again.

Instead of studying, I’ve spent yesterday in a coffeeshop chatting on what may seem to be one of the most important conversations I may have in my life.

Decide,” my friend said. “And decide now. Otherwise, we’d still have the same ol’ conversation this December and 5 years from now.”

This conversation has made me rethink my priorities and placed a sense of urgency in my actions. It made me realize just how much potential I have — and I cannot reach that potential if I keep to the same ol’ track I’m doing right now.

Life is about relativity — you’re successful to those who are not as successful as you; a failure to those who are.

I know you’re not the type who’s willing to get married and have kids and leave their careers,” my friend said. “You’re someone who wants to win, to be more than average.”

Today, I believe I am more than average.

I am working in one of the largest banks in the world, interacting with senior managements of top companies on a daily basis, earning a good salary, enjoying life and moving forward.

But that’s not enough — 10 years from now, if I’m doing the same old thing, then I won’t be seen as progressive. “You’re still young,” my friend said. “That’s why people think you’re cute. But 5-10 years later, will they still think the same thing?”

So my life will be changing — I’d have to make a major drastic decision very soon.

And this decisioin may see me make some huge changes in my life, forcing me to face my demons and sacrifice whatever lifestyle I may have in Taiwan right now.

As a typical Libran, I am indecisive. But do pray for me — and wish me luck that I may make the right decision very soon.


I have a new BABY!

It’s girly-metally fink and I totally love it:

Totally tiny and perfect whenever I go exercising. I can’t wait till I bring it out climbing!

I’ve already taken it to the gym and it worked perfectly with all the acrobatic tendencies I have. So what will happen to my old iPod Mini?

Huh? I have an iPod Mini? Hahaha, goodbye la!

I broke up with it.

Thanks — you’ve been great, but this new baby satisfies me in ways you can’t. So there!


I have a confession to make — names scare me.

I am slightly afraid of guys whose names start with the letter “M.

For some insane reason, ALL of the guys I’ve ever kissed, their names start with “Ms.”

Now, M may be a very letter for guy names to start with, but I’ve been out with guys named Andrew, Edward, Jonathan and David — and no banana. But bring me out with an M, something’s bound to happen. πŸ™

Or at least the chances of something happening increases.

Why am I blabbering about this?

Because I’ve met another M this weekend.

Hidden to him, he is actually the friend another girl-friend of mine wanted to introduce to him. She was quite jealous and possessive that I got along with her boyfriend that she was rambling to find someone for me.

We met at a party prior, but my lips were too swollen to care at that time. And we met again this weekend.

Meeting someone who treats his b*tch well (inside joke — you’ll get it when you know him), is quite rare. And correct me if am wrong, but I think he’s interested.

I’ve always asked the question, “How do you know if a guy is interested?” to friends — which drive them completely nuts. But if a guy does the following:

* Can’t keep his eyes off you the entire night — even though he’s trying hard to be subtle
* Pulls you in the dancefloor whenever he can
* Tries to get as close to you as possible

Well, he can be just horny or I may just look really hot, but let’s keep this blog rated PG and say he’s interested.

And the dead-ringer: I have this theory that when a guy is interested, he would make the next contact as soon as able. I think that within 3 days, an interested man would somehow make contact. If a guy contacts you after a week, drop him. You’re just a blip off his radar.

This man sent me a message early the next morning.

I won’t puff up my chest, dance a tune and shout, “Hallelujah! A guy interested!”

First, I have never been a want for interested guys. I’ve met my share of them (though not as many as you think) and you’ve read about them mostly in my blog.

Most have been met with nonchalance, nervousness, and even slightly psychotic tendencies. For example, I’ve questioned a guy who’s propositioned me to go up his hotel room just to chat was actually a good — or bad thing.

But this guy…

What scares me is not just his level of interest…

But as is mine.

I am also interested to get to know this guy better and his level of interest give me pressure because it means that it can be as fast as I want it to be.

And you knew what happened the last time I went into a relationship too fast — I fell flat on my face.

Considering that my life is about to change, his arrival is a bit too uncalled for. I wish he made an appearance earlier maybe, that would’ve been more ideal. Say, a year earlier?

But life is full of surprises and some things come at the most unexpected time.

But as usual, am my trembling self.

Despite my ultra-cool aloof demeanor, I am slightly scared. Because I don’t know what the future holds, and I don’t like the pressure of having that someone affect the decisions I make in my life.

If you’re alone, you can always pack your bags and leave. If you’re not, you have to also consider that person’s wellbeing.

But as always, I think that I think too much.

Who knows? Maybe I’ve read the signals wrong — maybe he’s not that interested and I only have tissue paper stuck on my skirt. Maybe I just look super hot last night, but that’s just it.

Real relationships are real and rare to come by.

And goodness knows if we got to know each other well, because the first time we met, we were all in a state of undress — and the second time, there was alcohol around.

So I shouldn’t jump the gun too much.

Chances are, we’re not compatible anyway. πŸ™‚

But one thing for sure, if and hopefully when he asks me out — I wouldn’t say no.

Because in life, some risks are just worth to take.

And being an M, he may just get lucky.


Boy, I must’ve seemed to be partying too much this weekend as I went to two parties back to back (though I was productive in the daytime):

Friday, after overtiming, I dropped by the Citizen Cain’s Mans Night, which served delicious orange mojitos and lots and lots of ladies!

Hahaha, as I’ve joked to Lily, where are all the men?!

Citizen Cain always serve pretty good Mediterreanean fare and tonight was no exception. But I just sipped on my mojito, watched the sexy show (how do these women keep their tummies taut?!) and relaxed as I still got calls from my mobile on my office.

Another party I went to was my friend’s farewell party last night:

The theme was “Naughty(cal) Fun and Games” and everyone had to wear something ahem, nautical (Hahaha, get it? Nautical?!).

Okay fine, I should be studying — but I’ll do that today. A good friend of mine is leaving SO THERE.

Anywho, we started off with some chow at Carnegies which as always serve pretty good meals. They had a buffet table set up and served delights such as salad, fish, RIBS (oooh, riiiibs!), curry and more! Pretty cool idea, I must say. Never knew you can do it in that format.

People-wise, they were WILD.

Some were dressed as a pirate, a swimmer, a crab, a jellyfish, but here’s a two most ingenious ones of the night:

There’s the captain and his crew of hoes:

One of which is NOT really female — try to guess which one is it!

And this simple, yet super smart costume. Guess what this is:

Come on… guess!

Try harder!

Nope, that’s not a swimmer with a cap, but close!

Well, that’s actually a sperm — or in other word, SEMEN.

Get it? πŸ™‚

Hahaha, my first guess was a whale or dolphin — but heck.

After some feed, we then ventured over to Paulina’s for some drinks and Pirate D taught me some pool. Then, our next stop was… Luxy!

Too many la-meis in the house, and I was with the spiciest of them all! Boy, I am having too much fun.

It was pretty wild and I did some dancing with Mom P and was one of the earliest to go home at the wee hours of 2:00-ish. It was fun indeed but I was planning on studying today, which is exactly what am going to do, so I knew I couldn’t keep up the momentum of partying till early at 8am as originally planned.

Life is all about balance — you have to know when to have fun and when to stop and get back to business.

But you live life at the present — when you’re studying, you’re serious. When you’re partying, you’re equally serious.

And THAT is how you live a life worth living.

Studying now. Be good and take care!

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4 thoughts on “Fun & Games — And Everything Else!

  1. Dear Raven,

    it is my pleasure to have a deep look into womens brain and heart…

    About man, listening (better reading…sorry)how guys approaching you, that sound really dilettant.

    As I understood that you like reading a lot, and learning, I would like to introduce you “The Game” from Neil Strauss. It is written for man but I am sure, it is also at least fun for you.

    Maybe you can just taste some lines at this book shop in 101.


  2. Hi Flute, thanks for leaving a comment. Have browsed through “The Game” previously but never finished it. My guy pals swear by it, though I think it’s 50-50. If a guy just act normal, that’s enough for me.

    Btw, what does “dilettant” mean? *blush*

  3. dilettant, kind of not professionel, too simple,like
    what is your name, what you are doing for life, company blablabla

    I mentioned “The Game” because
    it seems to be, that you decided
    to go for hunting again.

    So it could be helpful to know,
    how these PUA’s (self declared “Pick Up Artists”, hehee) come along.

    Btw, did someone run already the cube routine on you?


  4. Flute, thanks for the vocab lessons and for the referral. Sure, I should read up again. Just finished Harry Potter 7 (Finally) after long sleepless nights. “The Game” should prove to be interesting.

    Hahahaha, I haven’t been hunting la! I just take what’s thrown at me!

    And yes, someone did a cube routine on me — but that’s another hilarious story!!!

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