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Marriage Counseling before Engagement?

We went to the Mega 10 Most Beautiful People event at Haze last Thursday. The place was relatively empty till around 9:30pm, but started filling in up until the start of the formalities at around 11:30pm. It’s funny. The event … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to 2008 — and hello to 2009!

2008 passed by so fast — where has it gone?  In a way, it seems that 2008 was the transitional year.  It was the year when I deepened my expertise in project and relationship management, in addition to actually making … Continue reading

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Male Competition

Written on May 24, 2008 from the Raven Archives: Last night, I bumped into a guy friend of mine at Barcode. He is one of my best female friend’s colleague, and an expat here in Taipei. We met around a … Continue reading

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Ramblings about the Weekend

Over the weekend, I’ve met a handful of interesting individuals. That’s how life is, it surprises you when you least expect it. Last Friday, when my best gal friend and I thought that Barcode couldn’t get any more boring and … Continue reading

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Surprise, surprise…!

Yesterday, I did all I can to avoid Barcode, everybody’s perennial hang-out place because I wanted to avoid “him” to which we have yet to call by any name save for M. For one, he has already extended an invitation … Continue reading

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Facebook Blunder

Scenario: My friend had his “Facebook-themed” housewarming party this weekend. As a source of fun, he had: * set aside one “poking” room to place coats and bags (i.e., poking rhymes with coating)* people write their “status” as nametags* prepared … Continue reading

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Do I Look Like the Yellow Pages…?!

Big sigh. This is the third time this week that some guy has asked me to take him out partying… Don’t they have any friends to do so? And do they think that I’m this crazy animal who’s invited to … Continue reading

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In Brief…

…because I have to sleep extra early today, I can only summarize what happened during this crazy weekend. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time in the week to post some photos. They’re pretty hawt! 😉 Friday: Had a nice local Taiwanese … Continue reading

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Laos: Vang in the Vieng (Part IV)

I wanted to wake up early because I wanted to try one of two Vientiane’s most famous bakeries, both of which were situated near the fountain. There was the Scandinavian Bakery, which failed to appeal to me at all. Maybe … Continue reading

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Laos: Jewel of the Mekong (Part I)

Just got back last Wednesday from an awesome Laos trip. It was great — despite receiving a handful of calls from work, Laos was as far away from Taipei as possible. It was indeed a world of its own, living … Continue reading

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